What's New in Version 11.0 - Google Calendar Authentication and Syncing Improvements


Version 11.0 has been updated to use the very latest Google Calendar and OAuth 2.0 API. What this means to you is that VueMinder will now sync with Google Calendar more reliably. If you encountered any problems syncing with Google Calendar in a previous version, particularly with VueMinder repeatedly asking for access to Google Calendar, those problems should no longer occur after updating to version 11.0.

Authentication Improvements

When VueMinder is first configured to sync with Google Calendar, a web page will appear asking to allow access. In previous versions, clicking the "Accept" button would result in another page appearing with a code that needed to be copied and pasted into VueMinder. On some computers, VueMinder was able to automatically copy and paste the value. However, this didn't always happen and some users would need to manually copy and paste the code. Also, if VueMinder encountered any problems connecting to Google Calendar, the process of allowing access would need to be repeated. On some computers, this could happen several times a day - annoying to say the least.

Version 10.2 fixes all that. You'll only be prompted to allow access one time and clicking the "Allow" button on the web page will no longer require a code to be copied and pasted into VueMinder. VueMinder has also been improved to be compatible with Google account security 2-step verification (as long as you're only syncing events and tasks - contacts won't sync with 2-step verification enabled).

Note, these improvements required a change to how VueMinder accesses Google account information. In the previous version, VueMinder could be configured to sync with calendars belonging to multiple Google Calendar accounts - although there were sometimes problems when doing so. In version 11.0, VueMinder will only be able to sync with a single Google account. If you need to access calendars belonging to multiple accounts, a simple workaround would be to click the "Share this calendar" command on the Google Calendar webpage to share calendars with the single Google account that is synced with VueMinder.

Syncing Corrections

VueMinder 10.1.9 was one of the most reliable Windows calendar programs for syncing with Google Calendar. Syncing worked correctly in most cases. However, some users encountered errors and there's always room for improvement. We've meticulously gathered feedback from all users that have encountered problems and ensured those problems have all been corrected in version 11.0.

Here's the list of everything we've improved or fixed related to syncing with Google Calendar:

  • Improved syncing with Google Calendar to use the latest Google Calendar API. This fixes a number of bugs (too many to go into detail here).
  • Improved and simplified the process for allowing VueMinder to access Google Calendar data. An authorization code no longer needs to be copied and pasted. Authorization can be performed using a single button click.
  • Improved VueMinder to be capable of accessing Google Calendar accounts that have 2-step verification enabled. Note, 2-step verification still needs to be disabled if syncing contacts with Google in the Pro or Ultimate version.
  • Improved syncing with Google Calendar to include support for custom colors, instead of being limited to the basic Google Calendar color palette.
  • Corrected a problem with Google Calendar authorization and syncing sometimes stopping after a few hours or days. In some cases, the authorization webpage would appear multiple times per day. This will no longer happen.
  • Corrected handling the case where networking problems temporarily prevent VueMinder from accessing Google Calendar. VueMinder will wait until a connection can be established and then continue syncing, with no authorization webpages or error messages displayed.
  • Corrected syncing with Google Calendar in the case where a monthly event is defined to repeat every 2 or more months. The event would appear in VueMinder every single month.
  • Corrected syncing of recurring events with Google Calendar when the recurrence pattern is configured to repeat on a day of the week that is the 4th in the month, such as the 4th Tuesday.
  • Corrected syncing with Google Calendar when recurring events are defined to start and stop on the same day. The single occurrence would not appear in VueMinder.
  • Corrected syncing recurring events with Google Calendar when they are defined to have an end date. In some cases, the last occurrence wouldn't appear in VueMinder.
  • Corrected a problem where VueMinder would not sync with events defined in Google Calendar that have the same title and occur at the same time as other events defined in the same calendar.
  • Corrected syncing event categories with Google Calendar when the right-click "Categorize" command is used to change an event category in VueMinder. The category association would get reverted back to the previous value after syncing.
  • Corrected handling of the case where a locally added or modified event doesn't properly sync with Google Calendar (for whatever reason, such as network problems). VueMinder will continue attempting to sync the event until successful.
  • Corrected a problem with occurrences of recurring events not being removed from Google Calendar if they are moved to different dates before being deleted.
  • Corrected a problem with floating tasks sometimes not automatically moving to the current date if synced with Google Tasks.
  • Corrected syncing of event appearances with Google Calendar. When a single occurrence of a recurring event had its appearance customized, the appearance wouldn't sync back to Google Calendar.

If you sync with Google Calendar, we encourage you to update to version 11.0, even if you're not seeing any problems (yet). You'll thank us later.

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