What's New in Version 11.0 - Easier Selection of Email and SMS Reminder Recipients


Version 11.0 makes it much easier to select recipients for email, SMS, and voice phone reminders. Meeting notices are also much easier to send. Recipient email addresses can be typed (with auto-completion) or pasted without needing to first define a contact. A "To" button can be clicked to open a window where contacts can be searched and selected for addition to the recipient list.

One of the other major improvements in version 11.0 is the ability to define multiple email addresses or phone numbers for a single contact (click here for details). The new recipient editor will clearly indicate which email address or phone number has been selected, so there's no guesswork and no need to define multiple contacts for each of their email addresses.

Selecting Recipients - Inline Editor

If you have contacts or distribution lists defined, these will appear in a drop-down list, sorted in alphabetical order. When you start typing your contact or distribution list's name, the drop-down list will refresh to show only those items that match the partial text entered so far. You can press the Tab key to accept the first item in the drop-down list, click one of the other items in the drop-down list, or continue typing to narrow it down further. If you don't have a contact defined, simply enter the full email address.

After a contact, email address, or distribution list has been entered, you can add another recipient by pressing the Tab key or clicking the area indicated. There is no limit to how many recipients can be selected.

To remove a previously selected recipient, highlight the recipient's name or email address and press the Delete key.

Selecting Recipients - Using the "To..." Button

A "To..." button is displayed to the left of the recipient list. This button can be clicked to select recipients for email, SMS, and voice phone reminders. For meeting requests, "Required" and "Optional" buttons are provided. These buttons will open a window where all contacts and distribution lists are shown.

To add a contact or distribution list to the recipients, double-click a row in the list, or select the row and then click the "To" button.

Searching for Recipients

The first row of the Select Recipients window can be used to search for a recipient. Entering a value in the Name, Email Address, or Email Address Type column will filter the list to show only the contacts or distribution lists that contain the specified value. In the example below, the list is filtered to show names containing text "Cha".

Other filtering modes can be selected by clicking the square button on the left side of the filtering row's cell.

The filter can also be reset by clicking the button in the top-left corner of the list.

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