What's New in Version 10.0 - Text Editor Improvements


Version 10.0 improves the text editor used for entering details about events, tasks, notes, and contacts. The text editor now supports lists, tables, indentation levels, clipart, and much more. Here's what the updated text editor can do:

  • Insert bullet and numbered lists
  • Modify list or paragraph indentation levels
  • Insert symbols
  • Add or edit tables and cells
  • Automatically detect hyperlinks such as web pages and email addresses.
  • Edit hyperlinks after they have been inserted
  • Insert clipart
  • Search for text within the editor
  • Spell check non-English languages
  • Format text as strikethrough, superscript, or subscript
  • Paste formatted text from Microsoft Word

Text Editor Toolbar

Most of the new text editor features can be accessed via its toolbar. The Lite version includes a basic toolbar with limited capability, while the Pro and Ultimate versions expand the toolbar to provide access to the features listed above. The entire toolbar on the second row is only available in the Pro and Ultimate versions. Buttons labeled in red are new for 10.0.

  1. Font name
  2. Font size
  3. Text highlight
  4. Text color
  5. Text bold
  6. Text italic
  7. Text underline
  8. Text strikethrough (NEW)
  9. Text superscript (NEW)
  10. Text subscript (NEW)
  11. Align left
  12. Align center
  13. Align right
  14. Cut
  15. Copy
  16. Paste
  17. Paste From Microsoft Word (NEW)
  18. Undo
  19. Redo
  20. Bullet list (NEW)
  21. Numbered list (NEW)
  22. Decrease indent (NEW)
  23. Increase indent (NEW)
  24. Insert horizontal line
  25. Insert or edit table (NEW)
  26. Insert or edit hyperlink
  27. Insert or edit file link
  28. Insert clipart (NEW)
  29. Insert or edit picture
  30. Insert thumbnail image link
  31. Search (NEW)
  32. Inline spellchecker
  33. Run spell checker

Insert Clipart

Version 10.0 provides the ability to insert clipart from the web into a description. This feature is accessed by clicking the "Insert Clipart" button on the toolbar, which will result in another window appearing where clipart can be searched and previewed.

After inserting a clipart image, it can be resized either by clicking the image to make its border appear and then dragging one of the corners, or by right-clicking the image and selecting "Image Properties" from the popup menu. This can also be done for pictures that are inserted using the "Insert Picture" or "Insert Thumbnail" buttons.

In addition to allowing the image to be resized, the Image Properties window provides the ability to make the image float to the left or right of text and to have a margin (white space) between the image and surrounding text.


Tables can be inserted or edited by using the Table button on the toolbar. When inserting a new table the following window will appear:

The number of rows and columns can be specified. In addition, the table layout, borders, and background color or image can be specified. These settings are available after a table has been created by clicking the table to select it and then clicking the Table button on the toolbar. The table can also be right-clicked to adjust its properties or to insert/delete rows and columns.

Lists and Indentation Levels

Lists can be created by toggling the bullet list or numbered list buttons on the toolbar. If existing lines are selected, these will be converted into lists. Otherwise, whatever text is entered will become the first line in the list. Press the Enter key to add a new line to the list.

The list and paragraph indentation levels can also be adjusted using the toolbar buttons.


Pasting From Word

The text editor has been improved to support pasting of formatted text that is copied from other programs, including Microsoft Word. The text in the example below was pasted from Word by using the "Paste From Word" button on the toolbar.


Pasting Links to Other Events, Tasks, or Notes

Links to other events, tasks, or notes can be inserted into the text editor by copying an item on the calendar and then pasting into the editor. This feature can be used as a simpler alternative to the Links tab. To open a linked item from the text editor, hold the Ctrl key while clicking the link.


Other Improvements

Many other areas of VueMinder have also been improved to work with the new text editor capabilities. The Details Pane and hover tooltip will show the content exactly as it appears in the editor. Email reminders will include all the formatting. Also, when syncing with Microsoft Exchange, the formatted descriptions will appear in Outlook or other installations of VueMinder that sync with the same calendar.

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