What's New in Version 10.0 - Many Other Improvements


VueMinder 10.0 adds many other improvements, including the ability to select the default calendar for new events, specify the text alignment (left, right, center) in the calendar, and link files or folders with items in the calendar via drag-and-drop. Many bugs have also been corrected.

Default Calendar

A new "Default calendar" drop-down has been added to the Calendar Items area of the main window. This allows selection of the calendar that will be the default for any new events, tasks, or notes.

When items are selected, the default calendar may switch to match the calendar of the selected item. To override this behavior and "lock" the default calendar to not automatically change, click the lock button in the Default Calendar field.

Text Alignment

Text alignment buttons have been added to the Appearance Toolbar and the Appearance Editor used in various windows such as the Calendar Properties, Event Editor, Category Editor, etc.

The Appearance Toolbar can be used to adjust text alignment without needing to open a separate window. If using the Pro or Ultimate version and the Appearance Option labeled "Allow custom event appearances" has a checkmark, the Appearance Toolbar will adjust the alignment of individual events instead of the all events associated with the same calendar.

Text alignment buttons have also been added to the various editor windows. For example, to change the text alignment of an entire calendar, open the Calendar Properties and use the alignment buttons on the "Settings" tab.

Redesigned Popup Reminder Window

The popup reminder window has been redesigned to improve its appearance and make snoozing and dismissing of reminders more intuitive. When the reminder setting to include the item details is enabled (Pro and Ultimate versions only), the reminder window will support the improved formatting options that have been added to the text editor, including tables and lists.

The redesigned window can also be resized much smaller than in previous versions. Here's an example showing the simplest settings for a popup reminder, with no additional content and all of the columns disabled in the Reminder Options. The window can be made much smaller than reminder windows in other calendar programs such as Outlook.

Drag Files and Folders onto Events, Tasks, and Notes (Pro and Ultimate Only)

Events, tasks, and notes can have files or folders specified on the "Files" tab. For example, if a task requires updating a document, the document could be attached to the task. In previous versions, attaching a file had to be done via the Files tab of the Editor window. In Version 10.0, you can simply drag a file or folder from Windows Explorer onto the event, task, or note in the Day, Week, or Month view.

When a file is dragged into the VueMinder window, the cursor will change to an arrow with a + symbol. Move the cursor over an event, task, or note. A black border will appear around the target item. Release the mouse button to attach the dragged file or folder to the event, task, or note.

When the mouse is hovered over the event, task, or note, the dragged file will be listed and can be opened by clicking the link in the tooltip.

Attach Files to Email Reminders (Pro and Ultimate Only)

A new checkbox has been added to the email reminder settings for events and tasks. This checkbox allows files that have been linked to the event or task to be attached to email reminders.


Many Other Improvements and Corrections

The articles in this blog barely scratch the surface of all the improvements that have gone into Version 10.0. There are a total of 128 improvements and corrections that have been completed in this release, which we've been working on for the past 5 months. A beta has been available for 3 of those months and we've implemented many of the improvement requests that have been made by beta testers. The full release notes can be found here.

We're already working on the next version, so if there's something you requested that didn't make it into 10.0, don't despair! We listen closely to our customers and are committed to providing the very best calendar software available.

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