What's New in Version 10.0 - Language Translations

Language Menu

Version 10.0 has been translated to Chinese, Danish, Dutch, French, German, and Spanish. The desired language can be selected from the new "Language" menu.

How to Translate

A translation editor is provided for users that would like to translate VueMinder to their native language and receive a free license. Available languages can be downloaded here, which is also where post-release language updates/corrections will be posted.

Languages that are 0% complete have been machine-translated. Some of the translated values are probably correct and can be simply marked as valid, while others will require editing. The language files give translators a good starting point, rather than needing to translate everything from scratch.

After a language file has been downloaded it will appear on the Language menu. To edit the translation, click the "Translation Editor" command at the bottom of the Language menu. Detailed instructions on using the Translation Editor can be found here.

Anyone that helps complete a translation will be eligible to receive a free license of VueMinder Ultimate with free lifetime updates.

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