What's New in Version 10.0 - Improved Details Pane


Version 10.0 improves the Details Pane to include an option for showing a summary of today's events, tasks, and notes. The formatting and layout of the Details Pane has also been improved.

Today's Activities

When VueMinder starts, the Details Pane will default to showing a summary of today's activities. If an event, task, note, or contact is selected, the Details Pane will update to show information about the selected item. To return to today's summary, click the "Today" option in the list at the bottom of the Details Pane. To show details about the selected item, click "Selection".

The day summary will be split into sections showing events, tasks, and notes.

  • Events that last all day will be indicated as "All day".
  • Events that have a start and end time, with a duration longer than 0 minutes, will have the start and end times listed. If the event finished earlier in the day, the event text will be gray.
  • Events that have the same start and end time will have only the start time shown. Again, if the event occurred earlier in the day, its text will be gray.
  • Tasks that are overdue will be red and the number of minutes, hours, or days the task is overdue will be shown.
  • Tasks that are due today and don't have a specific time will be indicated as "Due today".
  • Tasks that are due at a specific time later in the day will have that time indicated.
  • Tasks that have no due date will be listed below other tasks with "No due date" indicated.
  • Notes that are pinned to the current date will have the first 80 characters of the note listed.

Each event, task, or note in the list can be opened by clicking its name. An editor window will appear where the item can be modified or marked as completed. Any changes made to the item will be automatically reflected in the Details Pane.


Current Selection

If "Selection" is picked as the content type for the Details Pane, details will appear whenever an event, task, note, or contact is selected. The formatting and content of the Details Panel for selected items has been improved in version 10.0. The Details Pane now supports showing lists, tables, indentation, and other advanced formatting features that have been added to the text editor in version 10.0. Also, when using the Ultimate version, any custom data that has been entered will appear above the item's description text instead of below.

Here's a comparison of the Details Panel in version 9.1.3 versus the updated Details Panel in version 10.0:

The updated format improves readability by aligning text, drawing a light border between linked items, using crisper fonts and more distinct colors. These format improvements have also been incorporated into the tooltip that appears when hovering over items.

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