What's New in Version 10.0 - Full Screen Mode


Version 10.0 adds a fullscreen mode to the main VueMinder window. When fullscreen mode is activated, the window caption, menu, toolbars, and additional window panes will be hidden or collapsed. The Day, Week, or Month view will occupy the full screen. This mode can be useful if VueMinder is running on a separate monitor or if you need additional space for items to fit.

How to Enter Fullscreen Mode

Fullscreen mode can be entered by using the F11 key or the "Fullscreen" command on the View menu.

After entering Fullscreen mode, the Windows taskbar will be hidden. The VueMinder window caption and border, menu bar, toolbars, and status bar will also be hidden. The main calendar view (Day, Week, Month, etc) will occupy the full screen and can be switched using the tabs at the top of the window. Here's an example of how it will look:

If using the Pro or Ultimate version, the Navigation Pane, Calendar Items, Detail Pane, and Clock areas of the main window will be collapsed into tabs along the left edge of the screen and can be accessed by hovering the mouse over the desired tab. These are unavailable when full-screen mode is enabled in the Lite version.

How to Exit Fullscreen Mode

To exit fullscreen mode, press the Esc key or F11 key. This will restore the VueMinder window back to its previous size and layout. When fullscreen mode is first entered, a tip will appear for several seconds to provide a reminder on how to exit out of fullscreen mode.

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