What's New in Version 9.1 - Color Sidebar Shows Associated Category, Priority, or Location


Version 9.1 adds an optional color sidebar to events, tasks, and notes. This sidebar can be used to see associated calendar, category, priority, or location colors. For example, if items are colored based on calendar, the sidebar can be configured to show priority colors. All high priority items will have a red sidebar (by default), or whatever color is assigned to high priority items via the "Priority Types" command on the Tools menu.

Note: This feature is not available in the Lite version. It's exclusive to the Pro and Ultimate versions.

Easier Schedule Visualization

In previous versions, items could be color-coded by calendar, category, priority, or location. However, only one color mode could be active at a time, so it was difficult to see which events belonged to a particular calendar and also had a particular priority, category, or location. With the addition of the sidebar, VueMinder makes it much easier to visualize your schedule. In the example before-and-after pictures below, events are colored based on associated calendar. There are 3 events all belonging to the same calendar, so they have the same color. However, each event has a different priority (high=red, medium=orange, low=yellow). After enabling the sidebar, it's possible to see the priority colors.



Note: This feature is not available in the Lite version.


Enabling the Color Sidebar

By default, the color sidebar won't be shown. To enable this feature, click the desired sidebar color type in the View menu, under "Color Event Sidebar Using...".

As in previous versions, the primary color mode can still be modified using the "Color Events Using..." option. VueMinder will even remember which combination of primary and sidebar color modes you prefer, so when switching the primary color mode, the sidebar mode will automatically update. It sounds complicated in writing, but when you try it out, you'll find it is very intuitive and yet another awesome feature that can only be found in VueMinder.

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