What's New in Version 9.0 - Webcal Browser


Version 9.0 improves the Add Public Calendars window with a webcal browser, which allows easy addition of dynamic web calendars to VueMinder. Some of these calendars can be based on your geographic location, such as local weather reports and sunrise/sunset times.

How to Add Webcals to VueMinder

The Add Public Calendars window is accessed by using the "Add Public Calendars and Holidays" command on the File menu. In version 9.0, there's a new "Webcals" category at the bottom of the category list.

The best webcal provider we've found is WebCal.fi, which is listed under the Webcals category. When viewing websites in a regular web browser, it can sometimes be difficult to get the webcal added to VueMinder, especially if you have Outlook installed. Clicking a link will result in Outlook getting the calendar, rather than VueMinder. There are ways to work around this by configuring VueMinder to be the default program, but it depends on which web browser you're using, and is not something VueMinder can easily do for you.

In version 9.0, we've improved this by putting a webcal browser directly in the Add Public Calendars window. This browser is displayed when the "Webcal.fi" entry under the Webcals category is clicked. There are many calendars to choose from, such as local weather, moon phases, sunrise/sunset times, holidays, etc.

Clicking a link or button to add a webcal will add it to VueMinder, blissfully ignoring whatever Windows thinks the default program should be. 

Adding Weather to VueMinder

There are many calendars to choose from. Many are based on your current location. For example, there's a weather calendar that adds a 5-day forecast to VueMinder. To add the calendar, click the "Subscribe Weather" button. You can also adjust the settings of the calendar prior to adding it, such as the location and measurement units.

Adding Sport Calendars to VueMinder

There are several tabs at the top of the "Calendars" page. To add sport calendars to VueMinder, click the Sport tab. Calendars for several major sports and leagues will be listed. You can subscribe to all teams, or pick a team from the drop-down list.

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