What's New in Version 9.0 - Task Tray Popup Balloon Shows Today's Activities


Version 9.0 improves the VueMinder task tray icon. When the mouse is hovered over the icon, a popup balloon show today's activities. The popup balloon will also appear after VueMinder is started. This option can be enabled or disabled.

Several options have been added to control the behavior of the task tray popup balloon. These options are under the "Background Operation" section of the Program Options window. To disable the popup balloon, uncheck the box labeled "Show today's activities when the mouse is hovered over the task tray icon". 

When the option is enabled, you can control whether items that occurred earlier in the day are shown, and whether the first line lists the full date or simply "Today". Since the popup is limited to 270 characters (a Windows limitation), unchecking these features will allow more activities to fit in the popup balloon.

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