What's New in Version 9.0 - Task and Note Sharing


VueMinder Ultimate 9.0 adds the ability to share tasks and notes over a local network. Similar to event sharing, the Task Calendar Properties and Note Calendar Properties windows now have a "Sharing" tab that enables the task or note calendar to be shared. Note: This feature is not available in the Pro or Lite versions. It's exclusive to the new Ultimate version, which provides a number of other high-end features.

Before task and note data can be shared, VueMinder Server will need to be installed. Instructions for installing VueMinder Server can be found here.

Sharing a Task or Note Calendar

To share an existing task or note calendar, right-click the name of the calendar and select "Calendar Properties" from the popup menu. The Calendar Properties window will then appear. Next, click the "Sharing" tab and check the box labeled "Share this calendar over local network". You can then assign user permissions. By default, other users will have "Reader" access, meaning they can view the tasks or notes but they cannot edit them. You can override the permissions for users by entering the user name (i.e., the name used when logging into Windows) and the desired permission level.

Adding a Shared Calendar

If a calendar has been shared from another computer, it can be added by using the "Add Shared Calendar From Local Network" command on the File menu.

Clicking this command will result in a window appearing where any available shared calendars will be listed. To add one or more shared calendars to the local computer, check the boxes next to the calendar names and then click the OK button.


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