What's New in Version 9.0 - Sync Tasks With Google Calendar


Version 9.0 adds the ability to sync tasks between VueMinder and Google Calendar. Tasks defined in Google Calendar will appear in VueMinder, and vice versa. Each "task list" in Google Calendar is equivalent to a task calendar in VueMinder. You can define multiple task calendars and automatically sync them with Google Calendar. All the advanced capabilities of VueMinder can also be used for your Google tasks, such as SMS reminders, importing or exporting tasks to Excel, emailing tasks, etc.

How to Add Google Tasks to VueMinder

To add an existing task list from Google Calendar to VueMinder, use the "Add Google Tasks" command on the File menu.

The first time this command is clicked, a web browser will open where you might need to enter your Google login information. A web page will also ask if you'd like to allow VueMinder to have access to Google Tasks. Click the Allow button and then switch back to the VueMinder window, which should now show a listing of your Google task lists. To add the Google task list, click the "Add Task Calendar" button. Tasks will automatically appear within a few seconds.

There are also some settings that can be adjusted prior to adding the task calendar. The sync frequency can be set to sync automatically every hour, every day, or manually. A checkbox allows the default settings specified on the "Task Defaults" tab of the Task Calendar Properties to be used for any new tasks that are added to Google Calendar and then synced to VueMinder. Default settings could include default reminders, priorities, categories, etc. The task appearance colors for overdue, upcoming, and completed can also be adjusted. These are all features that tasks in Google Calendar lack, but that VueMinder can provide.

The Google Tasks calendar will appear under the "My Tasks" section of the Calendar Items list. An icon will indicate the task calendar is synced with Google. Hovering the mouse over the task calendar name will show how many tasks it contains and when it was last synced.

The Task Calendar Properties window can be opened by double-clicking the name of the task calendar in the Calendar Items area of the main window. The default settings, Google sync settings, and task colors can be adjusted as needed after the task calendar has been added.

How to Add Existing Tasks in VueMinder to Google Calendar

If you have a task calendar in VueMinder that you would like to add to Google Calendar, open the Task Calendar properties and then click the "Google Tasks" tab. Next, check the box labeled "Synchronize with Google Calendar". 

After clicking OK, the calendar will be added as a new "task list" in Google Calendar. Unfortunately, Google Calendar is limited to showing one task list at a time. You can pick a different task list from the "Switch List" button in the lower-right corner of the Google Calendar web page.

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