What's New in Version 9.0 - Nested Tasks and Task Editor Improvements


Version 9.0 includes major improvements to tasks, including the ability to define nested tasks, dynamically adjust task start or due dates based on the completion of other tasks, and track the status and percent completion of tasks.

Task Editor Improvements - Start/Due

The Task Editor has numerous improvements. A "Start/Due" tab has been added for defining when a task should start and when it should be due. Previously, only the task due date could be defined, and the date was assumed to be the same as the start date. Now, tasks can span days, weeks, or months.

Tasks can have just a due date, or both a due date and start date. Tasks can also start at a certain time, when a subtask starts, or when another task is completed. Tasks can be due on a date, at a certain time, or when the last subtask is due.

Depending on the selected start and due types, the input fields on the Start/Due tab will vary. For example, here's how it looks when a task is configured to start based on completion of another task.

Task Editor Improvements - Status and Percent Complete

The top portion of the Task Editor window has been improved with Status and Percent Complete input fields.


Task Editor Improvements - Parent Tasks and Subtasks

A new "Related Tasks" tab has been added. This tab allows a parent task to be specified for the currently edited task. New or existing tasks can also be defined as subtasks.

To select a parent task, click the "Parent Task" text field. A browser window will appear allowing selection of the desired parent task. The list of tasks in the browser can be searched, sorted, and filtered, much like the Task List in the main window.

New or existing tasks can also be defined as subtasks. To add an existing task, click the "Add Existing" button. A browser window will appear, similar to the browser shown when picking a parent task. Click the "Add New" button to create a new task and assign it as a subtask.

Below is an example of a task that has both parent and subtask relationships. When a subtask is clicked in the list, its details are shown to the right.

Task List Improvements - Nested Tasks

The Task List has been improved to support nested tasks and the additional task input fields. Nested tasks can be expanded or collapsed for each parent task, using the + or - buttons to the left of the task row.

Task nesting can be modified by clicking a row (to select it) and then clicking again with the mouse held down. The row can then be dragged to another row. When the mouse is released, the task will become a subtask of the target row. If the task was a subtask but you want to make it a root task, drag the row to the left edge of the Task List and then release the mouse.

To define a new subtask for an existing task, right-click the task and then pick the "New Subtask" command from the popup menu.

Task List Improvements - Percent Complete

A task percent completion can be quickly adjusted by right-clicking the task and selecting a percentage from the new "Percent Complete" submenu.

Task List Improvements - Status

A task status can be modified by right-clicking the task and selecting the desired status from the new "Status" submenu.

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