What's New in Version 9.0 - Many Other Improvements


Version 9.0 contains many improvements and corrections that were not mentioned in the other articles of this blog. A quick summary of the more significant changes is listed below:

  • An option has been added to control the range of time slots visible in the Day and Week Views, to help reduce scrolling
  • Printing of the List layout has been improved to allow coloring of only the first column, rather than all columns
  • Email reminders have been improved to control the content that seen by the reminder recipient
  • Performance has been improved, especially when a large number of recurring events have been defined
  • Many, many, many other improvements and corrections

Visible Time Slot Range (Lite, Pro, and Ultimate)

The Calendar Options have been improved to allow adjustment to the range of time slots that are visible in the Day and Week views. Previously, all time slots were shown, starting at midnight. This would sometimes require scrolling down to the point where events normally start in the day. The new option will help reduce or eliminate the need for scrolling in the Day or Week views.

Print Color in First Column Only (Pro and Ultimate)

The List layout prints a color-coded listing of events, tasks, or notes. This layout style has been improved in version 9.0 with an option to color only the first column instead of the entire rows. This option can be used to help reduce the amount of color ink or toner used when printing.

The first column when printing will be the same as the first column shown in the associated List view. Columns can be re-arranged or displayed/hidden in the List view. In the example below, the first column is the completion column, which is very narrow and will result in the minimum amount of color ink or toner usage.


Email Reminder Content (Pro and Ultimate)

Email reminders have been improved with check-boxes allowing selection of whether the email reminder should contain basic information, description text, both, or neither. For example, if the email reminder is sent to a client, but additional detail is entered in the description that you don't want the client to see, the box to include the description could be unchecked.


Performance Improvements (Lite, Pro, and Ultimate)

A number of performance improvements have been made in version 9.0. The program should be significantly more responsive, especially if there are a large number of recurring events, events with reminders, or synced calendars.

Many, Many, Many Other Improvements and Corrections (Lite, Pro, and Ultimate)

Many other improvements and corrections have gone into version 9.0. Some of the more significant improvements include the following:

  • Added a "Go to Date" button to the top-right corner of the Day, Week, and Month views.
  • Added the ability to choose the sync direction when syncing with Outlook. 1-way syncing is now enabled, which will prevent VueMinder from making any modifications to the Outlook calendar when syncing.
  • Improved the columns on the Notes list, to allow grouping, hiding of columns, saving/loading filters, and other advanced commands.
  • Improved the main window title bar to show the name of the currently active calendar.
  • Improved the Details Pane to automatically detect web page links in event and task descriptions, and make those links clickable.
  • Improved the Calendar field in the Event Editor to show a drop-down of existing calendar names as a calendar name is typed.
  • Improved the right-click menu for calendars that are synced, to have a top-level "Sync Calendar" command.
  • Improved the Options window to move the Work Day options to their own tab, reducing clutter on the Calendar Options tab.
  • Improved the time input field in the various editor windows, such as the Event Editor. The field now has up/down buttons for quickly making minor adjustments.
  • Improved the FTP upload when saving the calendar to a web page. The upload will now happen in the background and won't lock up some computers
  • Corrected a problem where duplicate events would sometimes be shown, especially when synced with Google Calendar.
  • Many bug fixes

The full release notes can be found here.

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