What's New in Version 8.3


Version 8.3 of VueMinder contains many improvements, such as the ability to create and link new events, tasks, or notes directly from the Contact Editor. Intermittent performance problems and Google syncing issues have also been resolved, along with a large number of other bug fixes.

Contact Editor Improvements (Pro Version)

The Contact Editor has been improved with the addition of "New Meeting to Contact" and "New Link" commands at the top of the editor window.

The "New Meeting to Contact" command will generate a new meeting request to the currently open contact.

The "New Link" sub-commands will create and link new events, tasks, or notes with the contact. For example, if you need to schedule a service call for one of your contacts, the "New Event" command could be used from within the Contact Editor window. This streamlines the process into a single click. Previously, a new event would need to be created from the main window, and the Links tab accessed to perform the link. Now this can be done directly from the Contact Editor window.

Contact List Improvements (Pro Version)

The Contact List has also been improved with the same commands described above. Links can be created for one or more selected contacts without needing to open the Contact Editor window.

Creating New Items From the Links Tab (Pro Version)

The Links tab, which is available on the Event Editor, Task Editor, Note Editor, and Contact Editor windows have been improved. It now allows streamlined creation and linking of new items. Previously, it could only link to existing items, which would need to be created outside the editor window.

Desktop Calendar - Upcoming Events (All Versions)

The Upcoming Events area of the desktop calendar has been improved to make it easier to see which events occur today or tomorrow. It will also show a count of how many days are left until other upcoming events occur.


Event List - Sum Durations (Pro Version)

The Event List has been improved to show the number of selected events and their sum duration when two or more event rows have been selected. This can be useful when combined with the Event List's advanced search and column filtering capabilities. For example, to see how many hours an employee charged to a particular project within a specified date range, the rows could be filtered and then selected (using the Select All command on the Edit menu or the Ctrl+A shortcut) to see the total number of hours charged.


New Appearance Theme (Pro Version)

A new "ElectricBlue" appearance theme has been added. This theme uses dark gray menus and buttons, with many blue highlights. The theme can be selected from the Appearance Options window. Here's a preview:


Many Bug Corrections

Version 8.3.0 contains many bug corrections. A complete list can be found here. Some of the more significant corrections are listed below.

  • Corrected a problem on some computers where VueMinder would run slowly or frequently become non-responsive.
  • Corrected intermittent problems with syncing of recurring events over a local network.
  • Corrected performance problems when syncing with Google Calendar.
  • Corrected error messages when offline and a calendar attempts to sync with Google Calendar.
  • Corrected a problem with events not being deleted from ICS calendar subscriptions, if the events were removed on a different computer that publishes the ICS file.
  • Corrected the right-click "Assign to Calendar" command to properly assign events to the specified calendar.
  • Corrected the Desktop Calendar to be maximized only when commanded. Sometimes it would maximize after restarting.
  • Corrected problems importing or subscribing to ICS files containing weekly recurring events that span multiple weeks.
  • Corrected a problem in the popup reminder window where it would sometimes show the original or previous occurrences of recurring series, not the current one.
  • Corrected the "Snooze All" and "Dismiss All" buttons in the popup reminder window, to correctly snooze or dismiss all the displayed events. Sometimes, recurring events weren't snoozed or dismissed, and would appear again after a minute.


What's Next

If a feature or correction you've requested didn't make it into 8.3, don't be discouraged! We're already working on the next version. Many improvements are currently in work or planned in the near future, including syncing of Google Tasks, sharing of tasks / notes / contacts over a local network, custom contact fields, and much more.

We're committed to making VueMinder Calendar the best it can be, and appreciate the feedback and suggestions we receive from our rapidly growing community of users. Please keep the suggestions coming, and check back frequently to see our continued progress.

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