What's New in Version 8.2 - Web-Based SMS Reminder Delivery

Web-Based SMS Reminder Delivery

In previous versions, SMS reminders could only be sent through a mobile carrier's email-to-SMS gateway. This required you to enter your mobile carrier and outgoing email server. It also required you to know the mobile carriers used by contacts that you'd want to receive your SMS reminders. In many countries, mobile carriers do not typically provide email-to-SMS gateways, meaning VueMinder's SMS reminder capabilities couldn't be used in those countries. In Version 8.2, those limitations are a thing of the past. A new capability has been added for sending SMS reminders via a web-based service provider, greatly simplifying the delivery of SMS reminders and bringing these capabilities to almost every country.

Note: This feature is not available in the Lite version.

SMS Service Account

Before this feature will work, you'll need to request an account. There are no signup fees and you'll receive 5 free message credits so you can test out the system. There are a number of service plans to choose from, including a pay-as-you-go option that has no monthly fee. Depending on the service plan you select, the cost per SMS reminder will vary between $0.06 and $0.10 USD (in the United States and Canada - international rates may vary).

After signing up for an account, simply enter your account login name and password in the SMS/Voice Options window. The window will also show your current account balance and allow additional credits to be purchased. An email alert will be sent when your account balance gets close to 0.


Other Web-Based SMS Providers

If you already have an account with another web-based SMS provider, chances are VueMinder will be compatible. You can use your provider by selecting the "Use other provider" option. When using this option, VueMinder will send an email to your provider. Most web-based providers can convert an email to an SMS message. Please contact your SMS provider to determine the content of the "Send to" and "Subject" lines, since this can vary.

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