What's New in Version 8.2 - Many Other Improvements

Many Other Improvements

Version 8.2 adds many new and improved features to VueMinder. While there are too many improvements to highlight them all, this article will provide a quick overview of the other major improvements.

Improved Date Selector

The drop-down calendar date selector has been improved. As you can see, dates are now color-coded the same as in the Navigation Pane and Year view. Hovering the mouse over a date will also show a summary of that date's activities. This will make it much easier when scheduling a new event, since you won't need switch to the main window to see when a time is available.


Maximized Desktop Calendar

The desktop calendar now has a button for maximizing/restoring its size. When maximized, it will occupy your entire Windows desktop. If you like a clean desktop and don't keep icons on it, you'll now be able to use the entire desktop as a calendar. The maximize/restore button is in the upper-right corner of the desktop calendar. Visually, the desktop calendar has also been cleaned up, removing unnecessary lines and giving it a more streamlined appearance.

The status bar at the bottom of the desktop calendar has also been improved to show the currently active calendar and its details, such as the number of events it contains and when it was last synced. This is the same information seen in the status bar of the main window.

Password Protection

The Pro, Portable, and Enterprise versions now offer an additional option to secure your data with a password.

When this option is enabled, a password must be specified when the program is started. Otherwise, the program won't load. 

The password is encrypted (256-bit) and embedded within the calendar data file, so attempting to copy the data to some other computer and load it from there will still result in the password prompt appearing. If you forget your password, you can request a reset, but will need to have purchased a license so your identity can be confirmed. Also, if you later decide you know longer want a password, simply go to the Program Options and uncheck the password box.

Transfer Data to VueMinder USB

Version 8.2 has been improved with a "Transfer Data to VueMinder Portable" command on the File menu and main toolbar. When clicked, a window will appear for specifying the location of the Portable version. After selecting the location, click the Transfer button. All the data on the local computer will be transferred to the Portable version and automatically loaded the next time the Portable version starts. If the data is protected with a password (see above), the password will also protect the Portable version's data.

Likewise, the Portable version has been improved with a "Transfer Data to VueMinder Pro" command, also on the File menu and main toolbar. When clicked, the Portable version data will be transferred to the Pro version on the current computer. A message will appear stating the transfer was successful, and providing the option to automatically start the Pro version.

The addition of these 2 commands will make syncing data with the Portable version much easier.

Schedule Meetings on Behalf of Someone Else

A new "Have replies sent to" field has been added to the Meeting tab of the Event Editor. This field can be used when scheduling a new meeting request, so any replies to the request will be sent to the specified email address. The meeting will also appear to originate from the specified email address instead of your own. This can be useful if you schedule meetings for other people and do not need to know whether attendees have accepted or declined the invitation.

New Appointment For Contact

A new command has been added to the right-click and File menu. This command is labeled "New Appointment For Contact".

Clicking this command will present a window where one or more contacts can be selected for an appointment.

After selecting a contact and clicking the OK button, the contact will be associated with a new event (appointment).

This new command streamlines some of the features that were previously provided, reducing the number of steps required to create a new appointment for a contact.

Add Outlook Calendar

The File menu has been improved with a new "Add Outlook Calendar" command. This simplifies adding an existing Outlook calendar to VueMinder and configuring it to sync.


Numerous Other Improvements and Corrections

Version 8.2 contains many other improvements and corrections, such as performance improvements, more robust importing from ICS files, reminder processing corrections, and the list goes on. If you'd like a comprehensive listing of all the improvements and corrections, check out the version history page.


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