What's New in Version 8.0 - Note and Task Calendars

Note and Task Calendars

Version 8.0 adds the ability to define multiple note and task calendars. In the previous version, all notes were combined into a single "Notes" calendar, and all tasks into a single "Tasks" calendar. Now, any number of separate note and task calendars can be created and named however you'd like. Also, the appearance of each note calendar can be specified, overriding the default pale yellow color.

Creating Note and Task Calendars

The program will default to having a single task calendar named "Tasks" and a single note calendar named "Notes". To create additional note or task calendars, use the New command on the File menu or right-click in the Calendars list and select "New Note Calendar" or "New Task Calendar". The "New Calendar Group" command can also be used to define grouping for task and note calendars. Also, like event calendars, task and note calendars can be dragged and dropped between calendar groups.


Note and Task Calendar Properties

A new properties window has been added in version 8.0 for settings the appearance of notes. Notes belonging to different note calendars can be visually distinguished by adjusting the associated note calendar color. To access this window, double-click the note calendar's name, or right-click the note calendar and select "Note Calendar Properties" from the popup menu. The Note Calendar Properties window also allows the note calendar to be renamed, assigned to a different calendar group, and have its default category and date pin settings modified.

The Task Calendar Properties window has also been expanded in version 8.0 to allow renaming of the task calendar or assignment to a different calendar group.

Overriding Note Appearances

When a new note is created, its color will match the color of the associated calendar or category, by default. However, the Note Editor window has been improved in version 8.0 to allow custom colors to be specified for individual notes. These colors will override the calendar and category colors. To adjust the color of a note, open the note and then click the "Appearance" tab. Check the box to allow a custom appearance, and then select the desired color and font. The "Splash" button can also be used to randomly generate a unique color combination, if you're not in a creative mood.

Note Categorization

In version 8.0, notes can also be categorized. To categorize a note, open the note editor and select the desired category from the drop-down "Category" list. The note can also be right-clicked in the Calendar View, and a category selected from the popup "Categorize" submenu. Categorizing notes works the same way as categorizing events and tasks. When the Categories tab is activated, or the display mode under the View menu is set to color items based on category, notes that do not have a custom color override will be shown with the associated category color. Unchecking category names will also hide notes associated with the unchecked categories.

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