What's New in Version 8.0 - Many Other Improvements

Many Other Improvements

Version 8.0 contains many improvements and corrections that were not mentioned in the other articles of this blog. A quick summary of the more significant changes is listed below:

  • Notes and tasks can now be created inline, without needing to open the full note or task editor window.
  • The Details pane has been improved to show information for the contact selected in the Contacts List.
  • The Desktop Calendar has a new "Day" view tab, and the tabs have been moved along the left side to reduce unused space.
  • A spell checker has been added to the text editor used for event, task, note, and contact details.
  • A memory leak has been corrected, which results in Version 8.0 using less memory and being more stable than the previous version.

Inline Note and Task Creation

To create inline notes or tasks, first activate the desired note or task calendar in the calendar list by clicking its name, so it has a green arrow. Next, hover the cursor over a date or timeline. A button will appear saying "Click to add a note", or "Click to add a task", depending on the type of calendar selected. Click the button and start typing the note or task. To go back to inline creation of events, simply click an event calendar's name to activate it.

Details Pane Shows Contact Information

When a contact is clicked in the Contacts list, the Details pane will now show the contact details in a business card format. The contact name can be clicked to open the Contact Editor. Email addresses or websites associated with the contact can also be clicked from the Details pane.

Desktop Calendar - Day Tab

The Desktop Calendar now has a Day tab. This tab will show the same Day view as in the main window. Its settings can be adjusted via the "gear" button in the upper-right corner, and these settings are independent of the Day view settings in the main window. The tabs have also been moved to the left side, to help reduce unused space.

Spell Checker

A spell checker (English only - for now) has been added to the text editor. It can be configured to underline misspelled words in red.

A spell check can also be commanded by clicking a button on the toolbar. This spell checker also supports user-defined dictionaries.

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