What's New in Version 8.0 - List View Improvements

List View Improvements

The List View has been redesigned in version 8.0. It is no longer a single "List" tab. Now, the Event, Task, Note, and Contact Lists each have their own tab in the main window, allowing easier access, more flexibility in how these views are arranged, and the ability to simultaneously display multiple list types. The lists now support dragging of rows into the Month view, to quickly schedule (or reschedule) associated items. Searching has also been improved with a button allowing all previous search result tabs to be removed and the full list re-displayed.

List Tabs

In version 8.0, the default window consists of a single "tab group", where all view types and lists are accessed via tabs in the main area of the window. The new List tabs are circled below.

The layout of the main window can be modified by clicking and dragging a tab's name to the edge of the window, or by right-clicking the tab to create a new tab group.

Predefined window layouts can also be accessed via the Windows menu.

Some of these layouts combine the individual list tabs into a separate tab group, giving a similar look-and-feel as the previous version, but still allowing the flexibility of moving these tabs around, if desired.


Dragging List Rows

Rows in the Event, Task, and Note list can be dragged to the desired date in the Month view to schedule or reschedule an item. This also works for tasks and notes that haven't been previously defined with a due date. For example, if you know a task is upcoming but it doesn't necessarily have a due date yet, it could initially be defined without a due date and then dragged into the Month view when the due date firms up. In the previous version, the Task Editor would need to be opened before the task due date could be set.

Dragging a row can be a little tricky at first, since clicking a row and moving the mouse will also select multiple rows. The trick is to click the row and then hold the mouse still for a second before moving it. This will "pick up" the row and allow it to be plopped into the desired date in the Month view. Of course, this will only work if the window layout is arranged to allow simultaneous display of both the list and the Month view (see above).

Improved Searching

After typing a search word/phrase and pressing the Enter key, a tab will be added to the bottom of the list, showing the searched word or phrase. The search tab will list only those items containing the searched text (and these dynamically update). Entering another word in the search field will add another search tab. Any number of search tabs can be displayed. This can be very useful if there are a several things you're searching for and you'd like to quickly cross-reference the items by flipping between the search tabs. However, if you want to return to the main listing, the previous version required each search tab to be closed individually. In version 8.0, a red X has been added to the right side of the search field. Clicking this button will remove all search tabs and restore display of the full listing of items.

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