What's New in Version 7.4 - Word Wrapping

Word Wrapping (Pro Version Only)

Version 7.4 of VueMinder Pro adds optional word-wrapping and variable detail levels to the Month view, Desktop Calendar, and Monthly print style. Instead of longer event titles being clipped and not fitting in the event box, the text will wrap to show the full title, as well as other optional information such as ending time and location. If you've ever wished you could wrap the text when viewing or printing from Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook, wish no more. Simply sync those calendars with VueMinder Pro and enjoy the results!

Word Wrapping in the Month View

The default setting in version 7.4 is to wrap event and task text in the Month view, with medium detail level. Here's a snippet of how it looks:

To toggle word wrapping on or off, right-click the Month view and check or uncheck the "Word Wrap" option.

Variable Detail Levels

As  can be seen in the menu above, there are also 4 different detail levels that can be selected:

  • Show Auto Detail - The starting time, ending time, and location will automatically display or hide based on how much space is available. This is the default (and only) setting available in the Lite version. It also matches the behavior of version 7.3.0 and earlier, when word-wrapping is disabled.
  • Show Low Detail - Only the title will be shown. All other information is suppressed, including reminder and recurrence symbols.
  • Show Medium Detail - The starting time will always be shown for events and tasks that are not marked as all-day. The reminder and recurrence symbols will also be shown, if applicable. This is the default setting in VueMinder Pro version 7.4.0.
  • Show High Detail - The starting and ending times will be shown, as well as event locations.

Here's a visual comparison of the detail levels:

Word Wrapping in the Desktop Calendar

Like the Month View, the Desktop Calendar can also wrap text. Word wrapping can be toggled on or off, independently of the Month View in the main window. The detail level can also be adjusted, using the same levels as described above. To adjust the settings in the Desktop Calendar, click the "gear" button in the upper-right corner.

Here's an example of how word wrapping looks on the Desktop Calendar:

Word Wrap When Printing

The Monthly print layout has new options for controlling whether text should wrap, and how much detail should appear. No more guessing about what the rest of the text in an event said. Now, you'll be able to see the full event title in the printed output.

Here's an example of the printed output when word-wrapping is enabled:

You Asked, We Listened

We've had many requests for a word-wrapping capability over the last year. Based on a web search of calendar word-wrapping, it appears the other uber-popular calendars have also had many requests for this capability as well - some requests going back 6 years or more. However, we actually listened, and did it! We hope you'll enjoy this new feature. Once you get used to it, it's hard to imagine living without it. It's also one more reason to upgrade to the Pro version, if you're currently a Lite version user.

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