What's New in Version 7.4 - Quickly Print, Email, and Copy Details

Quickly Print, Email, and Copy Details

Version 7.4 of VueMinder (both Lite and Pro) adds the ability to quickly print items via the Details pane, right-click menu, or editor window. The Details pane has also been expanded with buttons for emailing or copying the text of the selected item. With a single click of the mouse, you can print or email all the details of an event. In the Pro version, this capability also exists for tasks and notes.

Quick Printing

As you might guess from the name, this feature allows quick printing of a selected item. The only window that will be displayed after selecting this command is for specifying a printer. The details of the selected item, exactly as shown in the Details pane, will be sent to the printer. To print from the Details pane, move the mouse cursor over the Details pane. You'll notice a "Print" button fades into view at the bottom of the Details pane, along with buttons for emailing or copying. To reduce clutter, these buttons will only fade into view when the mouse is over the Details Pane. When the mouse leaves the Details pane, the buttons will fade out of view.

To print the details of the selected event, task, or note, simply click the Print button. You can also right-click the item and select the "Quick Print" command, or click the new "Print" button that has been added to the bottom of the editor window.


Email Details

As mentioned above, the Details Pane has a new "Email" button at the bottom. Clicking this button will generate a new email and fill in the contents of the email with the event, task, or note details. This requires a default mail program to be installed on your computer.

Here's an example of how this looks when using Outlook 2010 as the default mail program:

Copying Details

A "Copy" button has also been added to the Details pane. This allows the displayed detail text to be copied. Unlike the Edit->Copy command, this copies as formatted text, allowing you to paste the event, task, or note details in any other program that supports pasting of formatted text, such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc. In the example below, the details were copied from VueMinder and then pasted into Microsoft Word 2010:

Making Things Easy

As you can see from these new features, we continue to listen closely to the feedback of VueMinder users, adding subtle features that are very simple and easy-to-use, but add powerful new capabilities to the software. If you have ideas on how we could further improve the software, please let us know!

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