What's New in Version 7.3 - Weekly View on Desktop Calendar

Weekly View on Desktop Calendar

Version 7.3 adds a Weekly view to the Desktop Calendar, as well as a settings menu for the Desktop Calendar's Week and Month views. Now you can see your whole week, divided into days and timeslots, with just a quick glance at your Window's desktop. The Week view on the Desktop Calendar is also fully interactive, allowing new events to be created or existing events to be rescheduled simply by dragging. This new feature is available in both the Pro and Lite versions.

Here's an example of Week View on the Desktop Calendar. Notice the "Week" and "Month" tabs at the top of the calendar. These tabs allow switching between the two view types.

The Week view supports the same view settings provided in the main window. In other words, you can adjust the timeslot length, view the days of the week in a grid instead of by columns, show only working or weekday instead of the entire week, and more. Here's the settings menu, accessed by clicking the gear button in the upper-right corner of the Week view.

The Month view on the Desktop Calendar has also been improved to allow its settings to be customized. You can use this menu to adjust the number of weeks that are displayed (from 1 to 16), compress weekends, show full date names, and show week numbers in a week header.


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