What's New in Version 7.3 - Task Appearances and Default Settings

Task Appearance and Default Settings (Pro Version Only)

Version 7.3 adds the ability to customize how overdue, upcoming, and completed tasks appear. It also adds default task settings, so reminders and other task data can be specified as a template to be used when creating new tasks.

Lite version users - This new feature is only available in the Pro version, which supports creation of tasks. Tasks are not included in the Lite version. If you'd like to see how task management works in the Pro version, you can upgrade to a free trial by clicking the "Upgrade to Pro" button at the top of the main window, or by clicking here.

To access the task appearance and default settings, double-click the "Tasks" item in the Calendar Items area.

To define default settings for new tasks, click the "Task Defaults" tab.

A number of other improvements have also been made for tasks:

  • Tasks can now be cut, copied, and pasted in the calendar view, just like events and notes.
  • An option to repeat tasks either based on completion date or original due date has been added. This can be set for each individual task, and defined in the default task settings.
  • The task list shown in the Desktop Calendar has been improved to group tasks based on whether they are overdue, upcoming, or completed. Overdue tasks will be shown at the top of the list.
  • Task titles and due dates can now be directly edited from the Desktop Calendar, without needing to open the Task Editor.
  • A program can be specified to automatically execute when a task's date or time is reached.

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