What's New in Version 7.3 - Schedule Multiple Email or SMS Reminders

Schedule Multiple Email or SMS Reminders

As of version 7.3, VueMinder Pro can now have any number of email and/or SMS reminders scheduled for each event or task. These reminders can be scheduled up to 6 months in advance, and any time in between. This feature will make email and SMS reminders much more useful, since there's no longer a limit of just one reminder per event or task.

Lite version users - This new feature is only available in the Pro version, which supports email and SMS reminders for events and tasks. These reminder types are not included in the Lite version. If you'd like to have email or SMS reminders, you can upgrade to a free trial by clicking the "Upgrade to Pro" button at the top of the main window, or by clicking here.


In the example below, an email reminder is configured to be sent 2 months, 1 month, 2 weeks, 1 day, and 15 minutes before an event. This is accomplished by going to the email reminder settings in the Event Editor or Task Editor window. The first difference you'll notice, if you've used a previous version of VueMinder Pro, is there's now a list allowing multiple times to be entered for sending the reminder. The reminder recipient information can still be specified (contacts, distribution lists, etc), but has been moved to a "Recipients" tab to make space for the reminder time list.

To add additional reminder times, click where it says "Add a reminder" and then type a value. The format is [N] [xxxx], where [N] is a number and [xxxx] is "minutes", "hours", "days", "weeks", or "months" (Examples: "7 hours", "10 days", "3 months"). After typing a value, press the Enter key to type another one. A drop-down button can also be clicked to select a predefined value from a list, as shown below.

The order of entries in the list is not important, so if you decide later to schedule an additional reminder, simply add it to the bottom of the list. There's no limit to the number of email or SMS reminders that can be scheduled for an event or task. A scrollbar will appear if there are more rows than will fit. Also, if you decide to remove a reminder time, simply click the red X on the right side of the reminder's row.

The "Event Defaults" button on the Event Editor window can be used to save the specified email and/or text message reminder times as a default template for any new events belonging to the same calendar. Likewise, the "Task Defaults" button on the Task Editor can do the same thing for tasks.


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