What's New in Version 7.3 - Mini Desktop Calendar

Mini Desktop Calendar

For those that prefer a simpler, smaller calendar on the desktop, a new "mini" desktop calendar mode has been added in version 7.3, for both Pro and Lite. This calendar will show a single month, with color-coding of dates. Hovering the mouse over a date will list a summary of that date's activities. In the Lite version, that will consist of events, while the Pro version the summary could consist of events, notes, and tasks. This new mini desktop calendar preserves much of the functionality of the full desktop calendar, but in a much smaller form. Your inner minimalist will rejoice!

Here's an example of the mini desktop calendar. It can be moved around on the desktop by clicking and dragging. The full desktop calendar can also now be moved by clicking an empty area and dragging. This is an improvement over the previous version, where a button needed to be toggled in order to allow the desktop calendar to be moved.

When hovering the mouse over a date, a summary of that date's activities will be shown, along with the date of year in parentheses.

A small button in the lower-right corner of the mini desktop calendar allows switching back to the full sized desktop calendar mode. Likewise, a new button has been added to the upper-right corner of the full desktop calendar for switching to the mini mode. 

The main window's View menu and the task tray icon's right-click menu have also been expanded to allow toggling between the full and mini desktop calendar modes.


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