What's New in Version 7.3 - Improved Meeting Requests

Improved Meeting Requests (Pro Version Only)

Version 7.3 has improved meeting requests to better integrate with other programs, such as Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar. A new meeting request can be defined in VueMinder Pro. When sent, the request will provide response options for the recipient, such as "accept", "decline", and "tentative". Meeting request attachments generated by other calendar programs can also be loaded in VueMinder and responses sent, simply by opening the attachment in whatever email program is being used.

Lite version users - This feature is only available in the Pro version, which supports meeting requests. If you'd like use VueMinder to schedule meetings and send invitations to friends and coworkers, you can upgrade to a free trial by clicking the "Upgrade to Pro" button in the main window, or by clicking here.

Sending Meeting Requests

To generate a meeting request from VueMinder Pro, select the "New Meeting Request" command form the File menu. Click the "Send" button to transmit the meeting request.

Receiving Meeting Requests

Here's how a meeting request email that is sent from VueMinder will appear when opened in Outlook 2010. As you can see, it looks very similar to a meeting request that could have originated from within Outlook. The main difference is the meeting is also attached as an ICS file, so other people using VueMinder can open the attachment to add the meeting to VueMinder (more on this below).

As mentioned above, a meeting attachment can be opened in VueMinder. Note, this requires the default program for opening ICS files be set to VueMinder. After opening a meeting request attachment, VueMinder will display the following window, where the request can be accepted, declined, or marked tentative. An email response will be sent to the meeting organizer. When accepting a meeting request, it will be added to the calendar.

Other Improvements

There are also some other things to note about this new and improved feature:

  • If you're the meeting organizer and you delete the meeting, a window will display asking if you'd like to send a cancellation notice.
  • If a meeting request is received and there are other attendees that aren't found in your contact list, they will be automatically added.
  • Meeting requests can be updated by the meeting organizer. When updated, an appropriate update message will be sent, and opening the attachment will result in the meeting being updated (not duplicated) in VueMinder.

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