What's New in Version 7.3 - Import/Export Notes and Tasks

Import/Export Notes and Tasks (Pro Version Only)

Version 7.3 of VueMinder Pro adds import and export capabilities for notes and tasks. These can be imported from CSV files, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Excel, or iCalendar (ICS) files. Notes and tasks can also be exported to the same formats. This improvement makes transferring task and note data between VueMinder and other programs much easier.

Lite version users - This feature is only available in the Pro version, which supports tasks and notes. If you'd like to see how tasks and notes work in the Pro version, you can upgrade to a free trial by clicking the "Upgrade to Pro" button in the main window, or by clicking here.

Redesigned File Menu

The File menu has been redesigned to better support these additional import and export capabilities. Here's how it looks:

Importing Notes and Tasks

The Import Tasks and Import Notes commands will show a window where the import source can be selected.

After selecting a source, click the Next button. When importing from CSV or Excel, a window will be shown where the mapping between fields can be specified. VueMinder will attempt to automatically determine relevant field mappings, but in some cases the mapping may need to be specified. For example, if importing tasks from an Excel spreadsheet where the columns are labeled "Category", "Idea", "Status", and "Version", the mapping might look like the following:

After selecting the mapping, the Next button can be clicked to complete the import. A summary of imported tasks or notes will be shown. If there are existing tasks or notes with the same titles, they will be updated instead of being duplicated. Also, any default task settings that have been defined, such as reminders, will be automatically applied to imported tasks.

Importing from other sources works in a similar manner, although the field mapping only needs to be specified when importing from CSV and Excel. When importing from Outlook, the default Tasks and Notes folders in Outlook will be used. Subfolders of the Tasks and Notes folders will also be included. When importing tasks from iCalendar files, only "VTODO" entries will be imported. Notes will import from "VJOURNAL" entries. If you don't know what that means, don't worry about it. It just means iCalendar appointments won't be shoehorned into notes or tasks, and other stuff in the iCalendar file that isn't relevant to notes or tasks will simply be ignored when importing.

Exporting Notes and Tasks

The Export window is similar to the Import window. Select the destination type, and click the Next button to finish the export.

If exporting to Excel, the spreadsheet will automatically appear, where you can continue to save it to a file. Otherwise, an indication of success or failure will be reported.

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