What's New in Version 7.1 - Undo/Redo, New Layouts, and More


Version 7.1.0 contains a number of new and improved features. Here's a quick summary...

  • Undo/redo feature
  • Week View layout improvement
  • Month View navigation improvement
  • Desktop Calendar hotkey
  • List View tab settings (Pro only)
  • Email reminder improvements (Pro only)
  • A whole bunch of bug fixes!

Undo/Redo Feature

This is a feature that many of us take for granted in typical software applications. It's such a simple thing, being able to undo or redo changes, and yet makes the user experience so much better. For example, if you accidentally delete something, a quick press of Ctrl+Z and it comes back. However, until the latest version, this feature was notably missing from VueMinder. Well, that is no longer the case. Version 7.1.0 adds an undo/redo capability. Not only that, but there are some new innovations to the typical undo/redo capability that you might not expect. For example, if you accidentally snooze or dismiss a reminder, and want it to come back, guess what? That's right, snoozing or dismissing reminders can be undone! So simple an idea, and yet no other calendar program has ever thought to add this ability...until now!

The Edit menu and main toolbar have been updated to provide undo/redo commands. The commands are also clearly labeled to describe what operation will be undone or redone, and the standard Ctrl+Z and Ctrl+Y keyboard shortcuts can be used. In addition, if you make several changes, each change is added to the undo stack. The undo stack is not limited to the number of operations it can contain, so if you make several changes and decide you'd like to undo them, simply repeat the Undo command until you return to the desired state.
Almost any action can be undone or redone, even dismissing reminders.

Week View Layout Improvement

In version 7.0.0, the main window was redesigned to allow simultaneous display of different view types. Due to this design change, the previous Week View layout, which consisted of days shown side-by-side in columns, needed to be changed. The Week View was replaced with a 2x3 grid. The Day View was improved to function similar to how the Week View used to function, but it was missing options like only showing weekday or working days, and navigation was by day instead of week. Many people told us they preferred the previous column layout for the Week View, and we listened!

Back by popular demand, version 7.1.0 has a column layout for the Week View, and the options to show only weekdays or working days have been restored. A new "Week View Settings" menu has been added, allowing either the grid or column layout to be selected, depending on which you prefer. Okay, time for a happy dance!

The column based Week View is back by popular demand.

Month View Navigation Improvement

A new menu option has been added to the Month View Settings, allowing display and navigation of whole months instead of a specified number of weeks.

The Whole Month setting will cause the Month View to display and navigate using whole months instead of a certain number of weeks.

Desktop Calendar Hotkey

Many people asked us if there could be a quick way of accessing the Desktop Calendar. Sometimes, especially on Windows 7, using the "Minimize All" command on the Windows taskbar causes the Desktop Calendar to be minimized. Accessing the Desktop Calendar then becomes a bit of a pain, because the task tray icon needs to be right-clicked and the Desktop Calendar option checked (or toggled).

Version 7.1.0 solves this by adding a global hotkey option for displaying the Desktop Calendar. This hotkey can be assigned on the Program Options window. When pressing the hotkey combination, all open windows will be minimized except for the Desktop Calendar, which will be visible on the desktop just like it should be.
A new program option has been added for assigning a global hotkey to show the desktop calendar.

List View Tab Settings

Version 7.1.0 adds new options for changing the location of the tabs shown in the List View. The tab labels can also be hidden. This allows more efficient use of available space on smaller screens. These new options can be accessed from the Go -> List View Settings menu.

Here's the default, where tabs are shown at the top of the List View, along with their labels:

The List View tabs, when using the default settings.

Using the new options, here's how the List View looks when tabs are shown without labels, along the left side of the List View:

The List View when showing tabs along the left side, with no labels.


Email Reminder Improvements

A new setting has been added for email reminders, allowing only the event or task description to be sent instead of the usual information that goes at the top of the email reminder (start time, location, category, etc). The email subject will be the event/task title, and body will be the event/task description. Now, if you're asking "why?", consider this... With this capability, you can create events that will cause email to be automatically sent to yourself, a contact, or an entire distribution list, at a specified time. Recipients of the email won't know it was automatically generated or that it has anything to do with a reminder. <insert evil laugh here>An email can be automatically sent when you specify. You can do all kinds of fun stuff with this feature, like making your boss thing you're working past midnight.

A Whole Bunch of Bug Fixes!

Well, we really tried to make 7.0.0 perfect, but some things were broken due to how many changes were made. Luckily, we've been working around the clock (nevermind that screenshot above) to fix what was broken. The biggest problems were the lack of a working autosave feature and a "configuration system failed to initialize" problem that would sometimes appear and prevent the program from loading. These problems have been fixed, along with a bunch of other stuff. You can see the complete list of corrections in the release notes for 7.1.0.

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