What's New in Version 7.0 - Window Appearance and Layout

Window Appearance and Layout

Version 7.0 has a completely new look and feel. Gone are the sky blues, glassy buttons, and Office 2007-style appearance of the previous version. The new appearance has cleaner lines with understated shades of gray and silver. The muted colors help draw the focus away from the user interface and toward the colors of the actual calendar data. Event colors really pop in this version! Of course, VueMinder Calendar still supports appearance themes and comes preloaded with over a dozen alternative appearance themes to choose from. If you prefer the previous appearance you can select the Office Blue theme from the Appearance Options window.

The window layout has also been improved. Previously, you could see either a Day, Week, or Month view, but only one could be active at a time. The display types were selected via the View menu or main toolbar, which is similar to many other calendar programs, but is a bit outdated and clunky. In version 7.0, each view type is a "tab" of the main window. These tabs can be dragged and dropped within the main window area. Tabs can be split out into new areas or combined. It's very intuitive and allows virtually any combination of view types to be displayed at the same, anywhere you'd like.

The new tabs are circled in the screenshot below:
The main window has been redesigned to use tabs for each of the view types. These tabs can be dragged for simultaneous display.

Below are a couple screenshot to demonstrate the tab-moving new capability. The first screenshot shows all tabs combined into a single large area. In the second screenshot, the "Day" tab is dragged from its default position to dock on the right-side of the screen. The "List" and "Timeline" tabs are dragged to dock at the bottom. These are just a few examples of many possible combinations. You can arrange the window tabs however you like.

All tabs can be combined into one large area, for those who like simplicity or have a smaller display.

Tabs can be docked anywhere in the main window, allowing unlimited flexibility to how calendar data is presented.

This video demonstrates how the tabs can be moved around on the main window to easily customize the layout. It also shows how areas of the window can be maximized and restored (requires Shockwave Flash).

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