What's New in Version 7.0 - Local Calendar Sharing Permissions

Local Calendar Sharing Permissions

A new approach to sharing calendars over a local network has been added to Version 7.0. Instead of sharing each calendar as a separate iCalendar (ICS) file, local calendars can be shared securely through a database. This allows the calendar owner to choose whom on the local network should have access to their calendar, and which users have permission to make changes.

A new "Sharing" tab is being added to the Calendar Properties window. To share a calendar over the local network, simply click a checkbox. By default, all users on the local network will have "Reader" access to the calendar, meaning they can view the calendar but not modify it. You can adjust the default permission using the "Everyone" row in the permissions list. You can also add specific users to override the default permissions, in case there are other people that need to modify the calendar or that shouldn't be allowed to see it. The specified User ID values are the Windows login names of the users, eliminating the need for passwords or other less elegant mechanisms to enforce permissions.

Calendars can be shared over the local network, and permissions assigned to different users.

To connect to another user's calendar, select the "Add Shared Calendar From Local Network" command from the File menu. A window will list calendars you can access and that haven't already been added. To add a calendar, check its box and then click OK.

Adding a shared calendar is simply a matter of selecting it from a list of calendars that you can access. There's no more browsing for iCalendar files or modifying other sharing settings.

The previous publish+subscribe approach to local calendar sharing continues to be supported and is still a capability of version 7.0.

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