What's New in Version 7.0 - List View

List View

The List View has been expanded in version 7.0 to show notes, contacts, and distribution lists, in addition to events and tasks. Each data type has its own tab within the List area of the main window. The options and settings of the list area have also been condensed and simplified to give the main window a cleaner, more consistent look.

The List area has been improved in version 7.0.

A new "Show Group By Box" option has been added to the menu when right-clicking the column headers. When enabled, this allows column names to be dragged into the "Group By Box". Rows will be grouped based on whatever column is selected, and grouped rows can be expanded or collapsed. For example, as shown in the example below, if the "Calendar" column were dragged to the Group By box, you could see events grouped by their assigned calendar. This capability has also been added for the task and contact lists.

A new "Show Group By Box" adds an area at the top of the list where columns can be dragged to group rows by values in the specified column.

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