What's New in Version 7.0 - Contact Data Importing and Exporting

Contact Data Importing and Exporting

Version 7.0 significantly improves contact data. Instead of being limited to the only the fields required for sending email and SMS reminders, the latest version adds a full-featured Contact Editor. This editor provides many more data fields. You can even enter your contact's birthdate or anniversary, and then add those to your calendar with a single button click.
A full featured contact editor has been added in Verson 7.0.

Contact data can also be imported and exported. Sources for importing include CSV files, Microsoft Outlook (2003 or later), Microsoft Excel, and Google Mail's Address Book.
Contact data can be imported from CSV files, Outlook, Excel, and Google Mail

When importing from CSV and Excel, you can select how the imported data fields should map to equivalent fields in VueMinder Calendar.
Input fields can be mapped to contact data fields in VueMinder Calendar by selecting the mapping from a drop-down list.

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