What's New in Version 2018.02 - Many Other Improvements and Corrections

Version 2018.02 includes many other improvements and corrections - too many to explain in detail. However, here's a quick overview of some of the other changes...

More Robust Saving of Category, Priority, and Location Data Files

Version 2018.02 improves how the category, priority, and location values are saved. In the previous version, this data was saved to XML files. An error could occur in some cases when saving the XML files, resulting in corrupted data - such as category colors being lost or XML tags (e.g. weird looking values) appearing in the category names. Here's a thread in the forums that discusses the problem, and here's what it looks like when things go horribly wrong...

This problem has been solved in version 2018.02, which now saves the data in a new file format for improved reliability. This change will also help improve VueMinder's performance, since saving the files in the new format is MUCH faster. Data in the XML files will be automatically converted to the new file format when updating from a previous version of VueMinder, so you don't need to worry about your current data being lost.

Number of Related Tasks Shown on Tab in Task Editor

Tasks can be related to a parent task or any number of child tasks. The tabs on the Task Editor are bold when data is defined on that tab. Some tabs, like the Files and Links tabs also include a number of items in the tab title. This was not being done for the "Related" tab, which required clicking the tab in order to see if there were any related tasks. Version 2018.02 improves the Related tab to be bold when there are related tasks (a parent task or at least one child task), and shows the total number of related tasks in parentheses.

Run Multiple Instances of the USB Version Simultaneously

VueMinder USB can run from a USB stick, cloud drive, network folder, local drive, or any other storage. The data is saved in the same location where the USB version runs. Previously, only a single instance of VueMinder could run at a time. This limitation makes sense for the non-USB version, since each VueMinder instance saves data to the same location, resulting in one instance overwriting changes made by another instance. 

However, since the USB version saves its data to the location where it runs, this limitation doesn't make sense if you want to have multiple copies of the USB version running from different locations and with different data. Version 2018.02 removes this limitation on the USB version. You can now run multiple instances of the USB version, provided they are running from different locations.

And Much More

Version 2018.02 includes many other corrections an improvements. The release notes provide more information about other changes that have been made for version 2018.02.
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