What's New in Version 11.3 - Voice Reminder Options

Choose Voice for Reminders

Version 11.3 improves voice reminders by adding an option to choose which computer voice is to be used. Most Windows installations will include several voices, such as Microsoft Hazel, Microsoft Zira, and Microsoft David. In the previous version of VueMinder, only one of the installed voices would be used as the default and there was no mechanism to pick a different voice. In Version 11.3, the preferred voice can be selected from a drop-down list in the Reminder Options, accessed via the Options menu.

Enabling Voice Reminders

In case you're new to VueMinder or you've been using VueMinder but haven't discovered this feature yet, voice reminders can be enabled by checking the "Play voice reminder" box on the Content tab of the popup reminder or desktop alert settings when editing an event or task. This feature isn't new in version 11.3, but it has been improved to use whichever voice has been selected in the Reminder Options.

Enabling a Default Voice Reminder

A frequent question we receive is how to save the reminder settings as a default, so the same settings won't need to be re-entered each time a new event or task is created. This capability isn't new for 11.3, but it's worth mentioning again. If you're using the Pro or Ultimate version, you can configure VueMinder to automatically enable voice reminders (or other reminder settings) for new events or tasks by clicking the "Save as Defaults" button on the toolbar at the top of the Event or Task Editor. Note, this feature is not provided in the Lite version.

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