What's New in Version 11.3 - Exporting Occurrence Numbers

VueMinder Pro and Ultimate can export events to Excel and CSV files (in addition to iCalendar files). VueMinder can also number the occurrences of recurring events, which enables you to see things like a person's age or the number of times a recurring meeting has been held. Version 11.3 improves exporting to Excel and CSV files to include the occurrence numbers, which were not present when exporting from the previous version.

In the example below, a birthday event and a recurring meeting are shown in the calendar. Notice the occurrence numbers are shown after the event titles. To enable the occurrence numbering feature, check the "Show occurrence numbers" box on the Recurrence tab when editing a recurring series.

The month of October (as shown in the screenshot above) is exported to Excel 2016. Notice the event titles in the exported spreadsheet now include the same occurrence numbers seen in VueMinder. 

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