Visualize Your Schedule by Category, Priority, Location and More

VueMinder Calendar 5.5.0 adds some exciting new capabilities for visualizing your schedule. Have you ever wanted to tell, visually and with a simple glance, which upcoming events and tasks have a high priority, when a birthday is getting close, or which events are in Room A as opposed to Room B? All these possibilities, and many more, are available in the latest release.

Here's how it works: In the main window, there's a Calendar Items area, containing tabs named "Calendars", "Categories", "Priorities", and "Locations". An example of the Calendar Items area is shown below:

The Calendar Items area contains tabs for visualizing you schedule in different ways.

When switching to a different tab, like "Categories", the appearance of events and tasks in the Calendar View will automatically update to the associated category colors. You can also use the Alt+1 through Alt+5 keyboard shortcuts, or the "Display Type" options under the View menu, to quickly switch between display modes.

The pictures below show the same week, but viewed using each of the available display modes. Here's how it looks when the "Calendars" tab is active. As you can see, events are colored based on their assigned calendar:

You can view events by calendar.

Here's how it looks when the Calendar Items tab is changed to "Categories":

You can view events and tasks by category.

When switching to the "Priorities" tab, events and tasks will be colored based on their assigned priority, if any.

You can view events and tasks by priority.

And, if the options above aren't enough, you can also view events by their location when switching to the "Locations" tab. Here's how it looks:

You can view events and tasks by location.

Not only do these tabs allow you to better visualize your schedule, but the checkboxes in each of the tabs within the Calendar Items area allow you to dynamically filter the displayed events and tasks. So, for example, if you don't want low priority events and tasks displayed, simply uncheck the "Low" priority item on the "Priorities" tab.

You filter any combination of items, from all 4 tabs. Tab names with an active filter will be bold and a description of the current filter will be shown at the bottom of the Calendar Items area. To clear the filter and restore display of all your events and tasks, just click the X button next to the filter description.

Any combination of filters can be applied. The current filter can be cleared with a single click of the X button in the Calendar Items area.

If you haven't tried VueMinder Calendar yet, take a look and let us know what you think of this innovative new feature! It's available in both the Lite and Pro versions. You can download it here.

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