PrintableCal Generates Printable Calendars in Word and Excel

Announcing PrintableCal

PrintableCal 1.0 has been released. This product is an add-in for Excel and Word that enables customized printing of calendar data from VueMinder and many other sources, such as holidays, Google Calendar, Outlook, Exchange, Yahoo! Calendar, Toodledo, Facebook birthdays, and more. The calendar templates can be edited to include logos, custom headers/footers, different layouts, colors, pictures - or anything else you can put in a spreadsheet. PrintableCal can be downloaded for free here.

Here's an example of a generated calendar using the default month template...

PrintableCal fills a void that exists in almost every calendar program (VueMinder included), where printing isn't as customizable as many users require. With PrintableCal, there are now infinite possibilities in how calendar data is printed. We're very excited about this new product and its potential to revolutionize how calendars are printed. 

Rest assured, VueMinder will continue to be updated and improved. The next version of VueMinder will be a major update with many new and improved features, including support for touchscreen Windows 8 devices, better syncing with Google Calendar and local networks, and many other requested improvements.

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