Help Documentation Updated

VueMinder Pro's online help documentation has been updated, making it current as of version 8.2.1. All the new features that have been added since the previous help documentation update are described in full detail, with many screenshots to better illustrate how the software works. The layout of the documentation has also been improved to make it easier to find what you're looking for. For example, each page now has a "How to get here" box, explaining how to access the features being described. The search results have been improved as well, with better results and no more Google ads.

The Lite version help documentation updates are currently in work and will be available soon. We're also planning on adding a "How to" section to the Help documentation, and improving the FAQ with answers to many additional questions we commonly receive. Please check back soon, or subscribe to this blog's RSS feed to receive notification when these additional documentation improvements have been completed.

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