CSV-to-ICS Converter - Automatically Convert CSV Files into iCalendar (ICS) Files

Introducing CSV-to-ICS Converter

We've completed our latest product - CSV-to-ICS Converter. This is a free app for converting CSV files into iCalendar (ICS) files. The converted ICS files can be imported/subscribed by VueMinder or almost any other calendar app (Google Calendar, Outlook, etc.).

What makes CSV-to-ICS Converter different?

There aren't many options for converting CSV files to ICS files. There's a CSV to iCal Converter website that can do it, but it requires uploading your CSV file. According to the privacy policy, your data "may be retained and analyzed". You can get an offline version, but it costs $250 USD. Also, it's very limited in terms of which fields it can support - no recurring events, reminder flags, categories, custom fields, etc. The fields also need to be in a specific order, so it's not very flexible.

CSV-to-ICS Converter is a local Windows desktop app and the free edition can do everything the CSV to iCal website can do (and more) - all in the privacy of your own computer. Also, CSV-to-ICS Converter is far more advanced in the fields it can support. You can define recurring events, schedule reminders, set priorities, and include other custom data. The fields can also be defined in any order. In most cases, CSV files that are exported from other calendar programs can be converted into ICS files without any modification.

CSV-to-ICS Converter provides some advanced (paid) features as well, such as automatic monitoring and conversion of CSV files into ICS files. For example, if your schedule is maintained in a database, spreadsheet, or other application that can generate CSV files - but you would like to visualize your schedule in VueMinder or take advantage of VueMinder's other features, such as default email/SMS reminders, you could configure CSV-to-ICS Converter to automatically generate an ICS file whenever the CSV file is changed, and configure VueMinder to subscribe to the generated ICS file location. When you edit the CSV file and save it, you'll instantly see your updates appear in VueMinder. It works like magic.

Want to try it?

To see what CSV-to-ICS Converter can do, just download and run. There's no installation required. It won't modify your system in any way. If you don't like it, simply delete the downloaded file. However, we're guessing after you see how well CSV-to-ICS Converter works - especially compared with the very few other options that are our there - you'll want to keep it around. 

We're also very open to feedback. If you can think of any improvements, or if you'd like CSV-to-ICS Converter customized for your specific needs, please let us know. We'd be happy to help!
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