What's New in Version 8.0 - Overview

VueMinder continues to be improved. The latest version, 8.0, includes many significant enhancements, such as the ability to link events, tasks, notes, and contacts. It also improves importing/exporting, has a more flexible List view, allows the creation of multiple note and task calendars, allows the attachment of files to calendar items, improves the editor windows to allow multiple editors to be open at the same time, and much more. It's a dramatic improvement over the previous version. [More]

What's New in Version 8.0 - Event, Task, Note, and Contact Linking

Version 8.0 adds the ability to define 2-way links between events, tasks, notes, and contacts. For example, tasks and events could be linked with their assigned contacts, notes could be linked with associated events, or tasks leading up to an event could be linked with the event. When a link is established, it becomes 2-directional, meaning the association between the items can be viewed or removed from either item's editor window, via a new "Links" tab. The tab can present all associated links in a single view, providing instant access to the details you need, such as an associated contact's phone number and address. [More]

What's New in Version 8.0 - Improved Importing and Exporting

Version 8.0 adds significant improvements to the importing and exporting of events. In the previous version, events could be imported from Outlook, Excel, or iCalendar files. In version 8.0, events can also be imported from text files formatted as CSV (comma separated values) or tab delimited. When importing from text or Excel files, many new input fields are supported, including fields for specifying how events should recur, how they should be colored, or whether they should have associated reminders. Also, unrecognized fields will no longer be ignored. Instead, an import wizard will allow custom mapping between input field names and destination field names. [More]

What's New in Version 8.0 - List View Improvements

The List View has been redesigned in version 8.0. It is no longer a single "List" tab. Now, the Event, Task, Note, and Contact Lists each have their own tab in the main window, allowing easier access, more flexibility in how these views are arranged, and the ability to simultaneously display multiple list types. The lists now support dragging of rows into the Month view, to quickly schedule (or reschedule) associated items. Searching has also been improved with a button allowing all previous search result tabs to be removed and the full list re-displayed. [More]

What's New in Version 8.0 - Note and Task Calendars

Version 8.0 adds the ability to define multiple note and task calendars. In the previous version, all notes were combined into a single "Notes" calendar, and all tasks into a single "Tasks" calendar. Now, any number of separate note and task calendars can be created and named however you'd like. Also, the appearance of each note calendar can be specified, overriding the default pale yellow color. [More]

What's New in Version 8.0 - File Attachments

Version 8.0 adds a "Files" tab to the Event, Task, Note, and Contact Editor windows. This tab allows the attachment of file links. Previously, file links could be inserted into the Description text. That capability is still present, but the Files tab makes it easier, and provides a number of different viewing modes, such as "List", "Details", and "Icons". [More]

What's New in Version 8.0 - Editor Window Improvements

Version 8.0 has been improved to allow multiple event, task, note, and contact editor windows to be open at the same time. If changes are made and an editor window is closed without saving, a message will be displayed asking to save the changes. New buttons have also been added to the top of the editor windows, for saving, creating new items, deleting items, printing, emailing, adjusting defaults, and navigating between next and previous items. [More]

What's New in Version 8.0 - Zoom Buttons and Improved Date Navigation

Version 8.0 adds buttons for adjusting the "zoom level" of the Day, Week, Month, and Timeline views. These buttons adjust how many days or timeslots are visible at one time. For example, in the Month view, one could zoom out to see as many as 16 weeks, or zoom in to see just a single week. A "Today" button has also been added to the left of the zoom buttons, allowing quick navigation to the current date. [More]

What's New in Version 8.0 - Improved Color Picker

Version 8.0 makes it easier to select colors, or define custom colors, for calendar items such as events, tasks, notes, categories, priorities, etc. Clicking the color picker will show a drop-down grid of common colors, along with buttons for setting the color to be transparent or to pick from more colors. Additional colors can be quickly selected via a color wheel, with sliders for adjusting the saturation and brightness of the color. [More]

What's New in Version 8.0 - Many Other Improvements

Version 8.0 contains many improvements and corrections that were not mentioned in the other articles of this blog. A quick summary of the more significant changes is listed below:

  • Notes and tasks can now be created inline, without needing to open the full note or task editor window.

  • The Details pane has been improved to show information for the contact selected in the Contacts List.

  • The Desktop Calendar has a new "Day" view tab, and the tabs have been moved along the left side to reduce unused space.

  • A spell checker has been added to the text editor used for event, task, note, and contact details.

  • A memory leak has been corrected, which results in Version 8.0 using less memory and being more stable than the previous version.