What's New in Version 9.0 - Webcal Browser

Version 9.0 improves the Add Public Calendars window with a webcal browser, which allows easy addition of dynamic web calendars to VueMinder. Some of these calendars can be based on your geographic location, such as local weather reports and sunrise/sunset times. [More]

What's New in Version 8.4

Version 8.4 of VueMinder contains many improvements, such as the ability to sync with multiple Google Calendar accounts, reduced memory use, improved performance, and additional keyboard shortcuts in the editor windows. Problems syncing with Google Calendar and Outlook have also been corrected, along with many other corrections and improvements. [More]

What's New in Version 8.3

Version 8.3 of VueMinder contains many improvements, such as the ability to create and link new events, tasks, or notes directly from the Contact Editor. Intermittent performance problems and Google syncing issues have also been resolved, along with a large number of other bug fixes. [More]

Help Documentation Updated

VueMinder Pro's onlineĀ help documentation has been updated, making it current as of version 8.2.1. All the new features that have been added since the previous help documentation update are described in full detail, with many screenshots to better illustrate how the software works.