What's New in Version 9.1 - Group and Overlay Calendars in Day, Week, and Month Views

Version 9.1 adds an option to display each calendar in a separate Month view on on separate pages when printing the Monthly layout. In previous versions, calendars were always overlaid in the Month view. In addition, the Day and Week views have been improved when calendars are displayed in separate columns instead of being overlaid in the same column. Options have been added to group date columns within calendar columns, or vice versa. [More]

What's New in Version 9.0 - Overview

Version 9.0 introduces VueMinder Ultimate, which adds the ability to share tasks, notes, and contacts over a local network, as well as the ability to define custom fields and input data for these fields on the Event, Task, Note, and Contact Editor windows. The Ultimate version is the new flagship of the VueMinder product lineup. However, the Lite and Pro versions continue to be improved with new features, such as Google Task syncing, nested tasks, reminders based on event ending times, and much more. [More]