What's New in Version 11.0 - Impoved Distribution List Editor

VueMinder provides the ability to send email, SMS, and voice phone reminders to entire distribution lists, rather than individual contacts. In version 10.2, contacts can now have multiple email addresses defined. The Distribution List Editor has been improved to allow selection of the desired email addresses. Instead of only showing the contact names in the editor, their email addresses will also be shown. In addition, the new editor provides the ability to search and filter contacts, making it easier to find the contacts you'd like to add to a distribution list. [More]

What's New in Version 11.0 - Google Calendar Authentication and Syncing Improvements

Version 11.0 has been updated to use the very latest Google Calendar and OAuth 2.0 API. What this means to you is that VueMinder will now sync with Google Calendar more reliably. If you encountered any problems syncing with Google Calendar in a previous version, particularly with VueMinder repeatedly asking for access to Google Calendar, those problems should no longer occur after updating to version 11.0. [More]

PrintableCal Generates Printable Calendars in Word and Excel

We've completed a new product - PrintableCal. This product creates printable calendars in Word and Excel. It includes a number of customizable calendar templates and can automatically import data from VueMinder, Google Calendar, Outlook, Exchange, Yahoo! Calendar, Toodledo, and many other sources. The calendar templates can be personalized as needed to include logos, headers/footers, different layouts, colors, pictures, and much more. Download it for free here.


What's New in Version 10.0 - Sync With Microsoft Exchange

Version 10.0 of VueMinder Ultimate adds the ability to sync events with Microsoft Exchange. The Exchange Server could be local or could be hosted by an online service such as Rackspace. Exchange can sync with most mobile devices, providing an alternative to Google Calendar for users that would like to keep VueMinder and their mobile devices in sync. [More]

What's New in Version 10.0 - Clickable Tooltips

Version 10.0 improves the tooltip balloons that appear when the mouse cursor is hovered over an event, task, or note. The tooltip formatting and content have been improved. Linked files or items will now be shown in the tooltip and can be opened directly from the tooltip. [More]