What's New in Version 7.0 - Local Calendar Sharing Permissions

Version 7.0 improves local calendar sharing over a local network. Calendar sharing can now be done through a database, allowing calendar owners to control whom can view or modify their shared calendars. All the complexity of calendar sharing is handled behind the scenes, allowing configuration of calendar sharing to be done quickly and easily, even for inexperienced users. [More]

What's New in Version 7.0 - Contact Data Importing and Exporting

Version 7.0 significantly improves contact data. Instead of being limited to the only the fields required for sending email and SMS reminders, the latest version adds a full-featured Contact Editor, as well as distribution lists, contact grouping, and contact data import/export. A new contact list has also been added, allowing contacts to be sorted, filtered, and searched. [More]

What's New in Version 7.0 - Meeting Requests

Meeting requests have been improved in version 7.0. Previously, it was not possible to see who was invited to a meeting after the request was sent, or to easily add more attendees. In this version, a new "Attendees" tab has been added to the Event Editor window for meeting requests. Also, instead of relying on the default mail client to send the notice, it will now be sent directly from VueMinder. [More]

What's New in Version 7.0 - Year View

Version 7.0 adds a "Year" view type, showing the events for an entire year. This view is fully functional, allowing events on selected dates to be added, deleted, sent via email, categorized, and more. Also, when the mouse is hovered over a date, a summary of events occurring on that date will be displayed. [More]

What's New in Version 7.0 - Timeline View

Version 7.0 adds a Timeline View. This provides another way of visualizing your schedule, horizontally rather than vertically. The displayed time interval can be adjusted anywhere from 15 minutes to 4 weeks, allowing you to drill down into the events of a particular date, or see a big picture of activities spanning several months. [More]

What's New in Version 7.0 - List View

The List View has been improved in version 7.0 to list notes, contacts, and distribution groups in addition to events and tasks. New options for grouping rows have been added, allowing you to do things like group all events based on category. The list can also now be made to fill the main window area, just like the other view types. [More]

Vueminder Now Syncs With Google Calendar

VueMinder Pro 6.0.0 adds the ability to sync with Google Calendar, allowing you to enjoy the power and flexibility of the VueMinder user interface, while still having access to all your calendar data via the web. And, if you think configuring VueMinder to sync with Google Calendar sounds complicated and difficult, think again! You can set up your calendars to sync with just a few clicks of the mouse, and VueMinder handles the rest. Continue reading to find out just how easy it is... [More]