What's New in Version 8.2 - Overview

Version 8.2 adds the ability to save calendars to web pages, send voice reminders to any phone, and deliver SMS reminders internationally via a web-based provider. Also included are many improvements, such as more reliable sharing of calendars over a local network and improved popup/desktop reminders. [More]

What's New in Version 8.2 - Calendar Sharing Improvements

Version 8.2 improves calendar sharing over local networks by using Microsoft SQL Server 2008 as the back-end database, dramatically improving the reliability and performance of shared calendars. Shared calendars can also now be simultaneously published to ICS files or synced with Google Calendar and Outlook, making VueMinder a one-stop-shop for syncing all your calendar data between all the computers on your local network. [More]

What's New in Version 8.2 - Save as Web Page

Version 8.2 can now generate calendars to web pages. This feature can be used to add a read-only calendar to your website. The look-and-feel of the generated web page will be similar to the main VueMinder window, including color-coding and a "Details" area, showing detailed information about a clicked item. The Pro version also includes the ability to customize the colors of the generated web page, add custom content to the web page header and footer, and automatically upload to an FTP server. [More]

What's New in Version 8.2 - Voice Reminders to Any Phone

Version 8.2 adds the ability to schedule voice reminders to any phone, anywhere in the world, including both land lines and cell phones. Businesses can benefit from this feature by scheduling phone calls to clients, reminding them of upcoming appointments. Instead of paying staff to place these calls or relying on expensive and complex systems, you can use VueMinder to easily automate the process. This feature will reduce your client no-shows, which will immediately translate into improved revenue. [More]

What's New in Version 8.2 - Improved Reminders

Version 8.2 contains a number of improvements to popup reminders and desktop alerts. These improvements include a new text-to-speech reminder option, improved media playback, selective visibility of reminder columns, and a streamlined popup reminder window layout. [More]

What's New in Version 8.1

Version 8.1 of VueMinder contains many improvements and corrections, such as the ability to specify and exact date and time for when a reminder should appear, support for importing vCalendar (vcs) files, an improved print header, navigation buttons in the Details pane, and numerous bug fixes. [More]

What's New in Version 8.0 - Overview

VueMinder continues to be improved. The latest version, 8.0, includes many significant enhancements, such as the ability to link events, tasks, notes, and contacts. It also improves importing/exporting, has a more flexible List view, allows the creation of multiple note and task calendars, allows the attachment of files to calendar items, improves the editor windows to allow multiple editors to be open at the same time, and much more. It's a dramatic improvement over the previous version. [More]

What's New in Version 8.0 - Event, Task, Note, and Contact Linking

Version 8.0 adds the ability to define 2-way links between events, tasks, notes, and contacts. For example, tasks and events could be linked with their assigned contacts, notes could be linked with associated events, or tasks leading up to an event could be linked with the event. When a link is established, it becomes 2-directional, meaning the association between the items can be viewed or removed from either item's editor window, via a new "Links" tab. The tab can present all associated links in a single view, providing instant access to the details you need, such as an associated contact's phone number and address. [More]