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VueMinder can be downloaded in three versions, Lite, Pro, and Ultimate. The Lite version is free for non-commercial use, but lacks some of the more sophisticated features of the Pro and Ultimate versions. The Pro and Ultimate trial versions are free to download and are fully-functional for 30 days. Any data entered in the trial version will be automatically transferred to the purchased version.

VueMinder is compatible with Windows 10, 8, and 7.



Download Version 2021.02
May 8, 2021
Non-commercial Use Only The Lite version is licensed for non-commercial use only.


Download Version 2021.02
May 8, 2021
30-day Free Trial The Pro trial version is free to try and fully-functional for 30 days.


Download Version 2021.02
May 8, 2021
30-day Free Trial The Ultimate trial version is free to try and fully-functional for 30 days.
Price The Lite version is provided free of charge. The Pro and Ultimate versions are provided as fully-functional 30-day trial versions. FREE $49.95 USD $79.95 USD
Technical Support We provide free and unlimited technical support to customers that have active Update Protection or purchased Lifetime Update Protection. Top priority is given to customers using VueMinder Ultimate. No Yes Yes (Priority)
Sync with Google Calendar The Lite version can sync 1-way from Google Calendar to VueMinder. The Pro and Ultimate versions can sync 2-way, enabling VueMinder to stay in sync with mobile devices. 1-way 2-way 2-way
Sync with Microsoft Exchange Server VueMinder Ultimate can sync with Microsoft Exchange Server. Most mobile devices can also support Exchange ActiveSync, enabling you to keep your mobile devices and VueMinder in sync.    
Send reminders via Microsoft Exchange The Ultimate version can send email reminders directly through Exchange Server, rather than requiring an SMTP server. This makes configuring VueMinder Ultimate to send email reminder much easier.    
Share tasks with other computers VueMinder Ultimate can share tasks with other computers. Task reminders, status, percent completion, priority, and custom data are also shared - making it easy to stay coordinated with your team.    
Share notes with other computers VueMinder Ultimate can share notes with other computers, allowing easy centralized access to important data regardless of which computer is being used.    
Share contacts with other computers VueMinder Ultimate can sync contact data between computers, which includes email addresses, phone numbers, mailing addresses, and more.    
Define custom data fields VueMinder Ultimate provides the ability to define custom input fields, enabling you to tailor VueMinder's capabilities to your exact needs.    
Share custom data with other computers VueMinder Ultimate can share custom data with other computers. When custom data is entered on one computer, that same data will appear on your other computers. The custom data could be almost anything you want to keep track of.    
Import and export custom data VueMinder Ultimate can automatically create custom fields when importing data that doesn't map to VueMinder's pre-existing input fields. This custom data isn't lost if the data is later exported from VueMinder.    
Sync with Google Contacts VueMinder Pro and Ultimate can sync contact data with Google Contacts and Google Mail.  
Sync with Google Tasks Automatically sync your tasks with Google Calendar. VueMinder Pro and Ultimate can sync 2-way with any number of Google task lists.  
Sync with Microsoft 365 and Office 365 VueMinder Pro and Ultimate can sync 2-way with Microsoft 365 and Office 365 calendars, including Exchange Online and You can use the Microsoft Outlook app on your iOS or Android device to keep in sync with VueMinder.  
Sync with local Microsoft Outlook Sync the same schedule between Outlook and VueMinder. Outlook can also be used to sync VueMinder with mobile devices, in case you don't want to use Google Calendar.  
Share events with other computers VueMinder Pro and Ultimate can easily share event calendars between multiple computers and user accounts. Any changes made on one of the connected computers will instantly appear on other computers.  
Manage tasks Keep track of tasks. VueMinder Pro and Ultimate support tasks, sub-tasks, repeating tasks, tasks that float to the current date until completed, and more.  
Create notes Keep track of important information using the lightweight Notes feature. Notes can be pinned to dates and viewed in a list.  
View contact, event, and task lists VueMinder Pro and Ultimate provide a List view of events, tasks, notes, and contacts. The lists can be easily searched, sorted, filtered, and grouped.  
Wrap titles in Month view Unlike most other calendar programs where event titles will be clipped if too long to fit, event titles in VueMinder can optionally word-wrap, enabling you to see the full title.  
Link items with other items Events, tasks, notes, and contacts can be easily linked with other events, tasks, notes, and contacts. This is a revolutionary feature only available in VueMinder Pro and Ultimate. It allows many possible uses, such as keeping a history of client appointments.  
Excel import/export VueMinder can import events, tasks, notes, and contacts from Excel. This data can also be exported to Excel.  
Print additional layouts The Pro and Ultimate versions provide a large variety of print layouts and settings, rather than just the basic layouts provided in the Lite version.  
Customize event colors Event appearances in the Pro and Ultimate version can be easily customized with different colors, borders, font styles, background pictures, etc. These customizations will override the default calendar appearance.  
Define default reminder Default reminder settings can be saved and automatically re-used whenever a new event or task is created.  
Send email reminders Email reminders can be sent to yourself, other people, and distribution lists.  
Send SMS and voice reminders SMS reminders can be sent to yourself and other people.  
Attach files to events Files and documents can be attached to related events. The Pro and Ultimate versions can also include attached files in email reminders.  
Add background images to dates Add family photos, clip-art, and other pictures to the background of dates in the Month view.  
Save calendars as web pages VueMinder can generate HTML web pages, allowing other people that don't have VueMinder to still be able to see your schedule. VueMinder can also upload the generated pages to a web server via FTP.  
Subscribe to web calendars Many web-based calendars are available to be added to VueMinder, including calendars for holidays, sports, weather, and more. VueMinder provides an easy method for accessing these calendars.
Import and export to ics files Data can be imported and exported using the standard iCalendar (ics) file format, enabling easy data transfer between VueMinder and most other calendar programs.
Backup and restore data Your data is safe when using VueMinder, which provides an automatic backup feature.
Overlay multiple calendars VueMinder supports any number of calendars. These can view viewed separately or overlaid into a single view with color-coded events.
Formatted text editor Enter event descriptions using formatted text with different fonts, colors, sizes, and more.
Text editor lists, tables, clip-art, more Event, task, and note descriptions can contain bullet lists, tables, clip-art, and more. This feature is only in the Pro and Ultimate versions.

Also available in portable USB versions

Lite USB


Ultimate USB

VueMinder is also available in USB versions. These versions are portable and can run from a cloud drive, network folder, USB stick, or a local hard drive. They do not require installation and will not modify the Windows registry or system in any way. Download Version 2021.02
May 8, 2021
Non-commercial Use Only The Lite USB version is licensed for non-commercial use only.
Download Version 2021.02
May 8, 2021
30-day Free Trial The Pro USB trial version is free to try and fully-functional for 30 days.
Download Version 2021.02
May 8, 2021
30-day Free Trial The Ultimate USB trial version is free to try and fully-functional for 30 days.
Just had to let you know how much I like and appreciate VueMinder. I use it for just personal use, and am amazed at all it can do for me, even though I am not too knowledgeable about technology! It is easy to use, and yet I keep discovering more ways to make it even more valuable and enjoyable. It is just what I have desired for a long time! I love it! I love the way it keeps track of my 'to do' list and appointments and other events. I love how I can customize things. I am so happy with the way I can print my contact list -- just the columns I want! Thank you for this really great product!
Bonnie Williams

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