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View Menu Commands

The View menu provides commands for showing or hiding areas of the main window, changing how events and tasks are colored, and selecting whether completed events should be visible in the Calendar View.

The View menu.

Main Toolbar

  • This toggles the visibility of the Main Toolbar.
  • When unchecked, the Main Toolbar will be hidden.

Appearance Toolbar

  • This toggles the visibility of the Appearance Toolbar.
  • When unchecked, the Appearance Toolbar will be hidden.
  • If there are other custom toolbars defined, those will be listed below the Appearance Toolbar menu option.

Navigation Pane

  • This toggles the display of the Navigation Pane, which allows easy navigation between dates.
  • It also expands into a submenu, allowing the size of the font used by the Navigation Pane to be adjusted.

Calendar Items

  • This toggles the display of the Calendar Items List, which contains tabs for listing the calendars, categories, priority types, and locations.

Details Pane

  • This toggles the display of the Details Pane, which shows details about the currently selected event.

Status Bar

Desktop Calendar (Full/Mini)

  • These commands toggle the display of the Desktop Calendar, an interactive, semi-transparent calendar that integrates into your Windows desktop background.
  • The desktop calendar can be in either "full" or "mini" modes.
  • If both Desktop Calendar options are unchecked, the desktop calendar will be hidden.

Color Events Using...

Events can be colored based on the current tab in the Calendar Items List or one of the selected menu options.

  • Events can be colored based on the current tab in the Calendar Items area, associated calendar, category, priority, or event location.
  • This menu option allows selection of how events should be colored in the Calendar View, Popup Reminder Window, Desktop Alert, and elsewhere.
  • These options allow you to easily scan for things like high priority events, or events occurring at a certain location, based on the associated colors.
  • For more details about using these menu options, click here.

Show Completed Events

  • This will toggle whether completed events are displayed in the Calendar View.
  • When displayed, completed events will displayed as faded (semi-transparent).
  • The keyboard shortcut is Ctrl+Shift+E.

Show All Events

  • This will enable the display of all events belonging to all calendars, clearing any filters defined in the Calendar Items List.
  • The keyboard shortcut is Ctrl+Shift+S.

Hide All Events

  • This will disable the display of all events belonging to all calendars.
  • After selecting this option, each calendar in the Calendar List will be unchecked.
  • The keyboard shortcut is Ctrl+Shift+H.


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