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You can search for events by using the Search window. This window is displayed when the Search command on the Edit menu is used. The first found event in the specified direction will be selected in the Calendar View.

The search window.

How to Search

Find This Text

Enter the text you want to search for. A list of recent searches can be accessed by clicking the drop-down arrow.
Recent searches.

In This Field

You can narrow the search to a particular field, or search all fields.

The search can be narrowed to certain fields.


A search direction of "Up" means any events occurring before the date currently selected in the Calendar View, and "Down" means any events occurring after. The default search direction is "Down".

A search direction can be specified.

Find Next

After clicking the Find Next button, the next occurrence of an event containing the specified search text will be found. Or, if no such event exists above or below the current selection (depending on search direction), a message will be displayed indicating no events could be found.

This message is displayed when an event can't be found.

If found, the event will be selected on the Calendar View. You can either click Find Next again to attempt to find the next occurrence, or click Cancel to close the Search window. The F3 key can also be used to find the next occurrence, even if the Search window is not displayed.


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