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The Reminders tab of the Options Window allows you to specify VueMinder reminder options.
The reminder options.

Reminders and Completion

  • Events can optionally be marked as completed after their associated reminder has been dismissed. Completed events will either change their appearance or be totally hidden, depending on the selections in the View Menu.
  • You can also choose to suppress reminders for events that have been marked as completed. Events can be marked completed by right-clicking the event in the Calendar View and selecting the "Completed" option, or by opening the Event Editor and checking the "Completed" box.

Popup Reminder Window Settings

  • You can choose to combine all popup reminders into a single instance of the Popup Reminder Window, or display reminders individually in separate windows.
  • The popup reminder window can be set to always display above other windows by checking the "Always on top box".
  • The initial docking location of the popup reminder window can also be selected, or you can choose for the window to recall its previous position.
  • The popup reminder window opacity can be adjusted using the slider. Drag the slider to the left to make the window more transparent, or to the right to make it more opaque.
  • The columns shown in the list at the top Popup Reminder Window can be made visible or hidden using the checkboxes. Uncheck a column to make it hidden. If all boxes are unchecked, only the event title will be listed, with no other columns.

Rescheduling Reminders

  • When an event is rescheduled, and a reminder was previously processed, a message will appear asking if you'd like to reset the reminder so it will be processed again.
  • If you always want the reminder status to be reset after rescheduling an event (without a message asking you), check the "Always reset reminder status" box.


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